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Email - 2004-03-08

Wrench's email is short and to the point. You get the impression that he's not a big fan of electronic communication.

He details how he got back in touch with Laughingtree earlier today (Wednesday), on the pretext of having found out information on you and your team's whereabouts. He was looking for a finder's fee. Laughingtree brushed him off, though. Wrench took note of his phrasing, Laughingtree said "They're no longer a concern. The work is soon done, and they no longer matter. Thank you for your assistance. We may have need of you in the future."

Wrench noted that Laughingtree had a patch over his right eye, with some gauze. It looked proffessional, and there didn't look like there was trauma around the eye. Probably surgery of some kind.

Wrench says he finds the whole thing pretty weird, but hopes it helps. Call him in a bit so you can get together for another beer.

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