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Email - 2004-03-16

Week overview

Generally a lot of downtime and relaxing. Whatever their intentions for the future, Hoffsteader and Co. appear to be making good on their claim to be leaving you alone. Frequent bug sweeps and careful looking turn up no additional plants. For the most part the days between Saturday the 3rd and Thursday the 8th are quite peaceful.

Lady Jane

Spends most of the week in front of the telecom doing research, occassionally assisted by Bianca. Stops for dinner, but not much else.


Disappears for most of the week to his shop. Derek accompanies him some days. Only returns to the hotel occasionally. He mentions something about hanging out with friends on Wednesday night.


Spends a day or two early in the week with Bert at his shop. After that dives into incomprehensible techno-jargon via his pocket secretary while listening to the news feeds. Makes a call at one point to a guy who seems to know more jargon than Derek. Also once or twice can be heard to be having a conversation with Cairo. You can tell because of the yelling.


Sparring in the gym or consulting with Jane by day, heads home at night to her sister and to help tend bar.


The weight training room actually turns out to be a great spot for sparring. No one ever comes in there and the padding is perfect for the kind of footwork you need for unarmed combat and edged weaponry. Beyond that, with everyone diving into their own projects, you're left to work out and generally have some time to yourself. You catch up on the newsfeeds, and after a day of thinking it might be best to stay out of sight begin making calls around to your peeps. Monday night you have dinner with Lynne, who is as charming as you recall. She regales you with tales of corporate humour while you try to keep your Thai in your mouth. Tuesday night finds you in the most pleasant company of Violet, who as it turns out is in a pretty bad mood. The bitchy chick who co-anchors the news is keeping her in her weather-girl spot and she's getting really tired of wearing tight shirts so people can laugh when she says it's cold. Margaritas and slow dancing calm her down, though. Wednesday you have lunch with Wrench, and then finish up the evening at Der Keller swapping stories between yourself, Niklas, and Kevin Whitmore. Kevin, as it turns out, walks a beat near the Keller and has known Niklas for about a year. Wedneday ends sometime very late in the morning on Thursday, and you're still feeling a little sleepy that evening. You're awake enough to eat, though, and late evening finds you enjoying a meal at a traditional irish pub down the street from the StaySeattle called "O'Malligan's" with the rest of the crew.

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