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Email - 2004-07-17

After Mr. Hoffsteader's demise, the evening winds down to a quiet lull. Gabel checks the five of you and himself into a hotel in downtown Bellingham to spend the night. He invites Cairo to join you, but the rigger demures. With you and Gabel in good shape, Cario opts to move on to other pastures. Gabel speaks with him quietly, and after giving Derek a quick hug, the willowy rigger is out the door. The evening passes uneventfully, and the next morning finds the group of you on the road south. Bribes and some convincing forgeries allow you and Gabel to return to the Seattle Metroplex with a minimum of hassle from the Salish-Shidhe border guards. Gabel returns you to the Hideout(tm), and arranges to meet with you later in the week to discuss the events of the past few months.

You disperse to your various homes to enjoy some time by yourselves in a lower stress environment. Email and phone conversations making up a female lobbying campaign result in the other team mates coming around to B and LJ's point of view. You contact the Johnson for the Tir run and request that he seek you for future work, but at the moment circumstances beyond your control make you unavailable for work. The Johnson expresses regret, but appreciates the issue. He promises to contact you again in the future.

At your meeting with Gabel, he thanks you again for your assistance. To each of you he offers a small interest in his holding company. Each of you recieve the certificates for approximately 5% of the total stock outstanding for the newly incorporated Buffalo Holdings, Inc. Your new stock in your hands, Gabel sits back in his chair to describe to you how you're going to grow the company...

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