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Fast Fax News - 2003-11-19

A scrap of a Fast Fax News from 07/20/61 (approximate date)


Seattle Center -- Quiet Monday dinners were violently disrupted last night as an explosion rocked the Mitsurana Sky Tower in Downtown Seattle. As yet there has been no word on the cause of the explosion, but officials on the scene describe the damage as having almost completely destroyed the floor. Several people were trapped in an elevator when the explosion occured, and were rushed to Seattle Memorial with severe smoke inhalation. All are expected to recover. There were no casualties in the explosion, as the office complex was closed for the day. Several staff members of the Glass Onion, the Mitsurara's garden-top restaurant, suffered broken bones when the building shook, and the glass case of a priceless Japanese artifact was damaged. The artifact, a scroll from the Tokugawa shogunate era Diet, has been removed from display in the restaurant until the case can be repaired. We'll have more on this bizarre accident as it unfolds.

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