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Fast Fax News - 2003-12-23

>>>>>>>>>>FAST FAX NEWS<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>FAST FAX NEWS<<<<<<<<<<


Arabia -- Friday, under the direction of its spiritual leader and leader of the Islamic Unity Movement Badr al Din Ibn Eisa, the nation of Arabia took control of the nation of Lebanon in a peaceful surrendering of power to the larger state. Arabia, which currently consists of the former nations of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain, has now spread to cover the entirety of the Arabian Peninsula. "Finally, the Arab world will have one great nation that the followers of Islam may rally under. Finally, we will have our homeland." stated Ibn Eisa after the ceremony.

>>>>>>>>>>NORTH AMERICA<<<<<<<<<<

Salish-Shidhe Council -- Tensions are still running high in the Council lands today, but as no further incidents have been reported within their borders the Council's military arm is standing down for the moment. Border patrols continue to be much more frequent and invasive, and all travel into and out of the country at the moment is still strictly regulated. Police are still interrogating several hundred suspects connected with last week's blast in Bellingham. Officials believe they have several suspects in custody which may shed light on the attack, including several individuals from extremist groups on the border with Tsimshian, and several border guards believed to have assisted in the smuggling of goods and persons across the border.


Boston, UCAS -- Wednesday, Novatech space administration confirmed that the Whipple probe veered completely off course due to a programming error that occurred during telemetry and will miss its rendezvous with Halley's Comet. Unconfirmed rumors state that the course change was the result of sabotage. Novatech denies this and attributes the accident to a "glitch." The probe's new course cannot be corrected and it will eventually collide with Mars in 2064.

Detroit, UCAS -- News of the failure that many of the comet probes have suffered boosted stock in Ares Space this week, which is now trading at almost 12 nuyen a share. The Ares Velox probes I and II are currently delayed from their appointed meeting with the comet until December, but some last minute changes to the program that Ares Space CEO Anthony Derringer attributes to a few of their pluckier engineers in the Seattle office have ensured that the Velox program will go forward as planned.

>>>>>>>THE AWAKENED WORLD<<<<<<<<

Prince Edward Isle, UCAS -- Friday, Joshua Morningstar collapsed during a board meeting of the Children of the Dragon organization. Medical and magical efforts to wake him have so far been unsuccessful. Morningstar, a prominent figure in the church under Dragonson, has long been a rock of support for the group. Morningstar is currently being treated at the Saint of the Talon hospital nearby the main Church of the Dragon compound. Nearly 20 of his most devote supporters are currently maintaining a vigil outside, and state that they will remain there until Morningstar returns to health.

>>>>>>>>>>FAST FAX NEWS<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>FAST FAX NEWS<<<<<<<<<<

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