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Fast Fax News - 2004-01-28

>>>>>>>>>>FAST FAX NEWS<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>FAST FAX NEWS<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>REPUBLIC OF QUEBEC<<<<<<<<

Quebec City -- The 1342 Block of Free Enterprize Zone 2 is still vacant today, despite heavy lobbying by several AAA megacorporations. The block, which has been empty since earlier this year when the House of Commons decided not to extend the lease of tenant Hyrix-Danzimar Co. Cross Applied Technologies, Proteus AG, and Renraku Microengineering Concern are the current front-runners in the bid for the block. The House of Commons adjourned today for the next two weeks. They are expected to vote on a candidate when the session resumes at the end of August.


Vladivostok -- Not all the news from the Probe race is bad news. This week Yamatetsu Space launched a tremendous promotional campaign for the live coverage they'll be broadcasting across the Matrix on August 30th. The Gagarin probe is set to rendezvous with Halley's Comet late in the evening North American time. Yamatetsu is offering several different methods of viewing the close encounter, including a full feed single-POV sim of the probe. Details can be obtained through Yamatetsu's MetaMatrix service.

>>>>>>>>YEAR OF THE COMET<<<<<<<<

San Francisco, California Free State -- A large gathering near Union square turned violent on Thursday. The group, Starseekers, had gathered to promote comet awareness and promote their "Comet Party" this weekend on the bay, when a small group in black robes broke through the barriers surrounding the designated area the Starseekers had set aside and began slashing at bystanders with what witnesses described as Scythes. Five people were killed and nearly 20 injured before security forces could arrive on the scene. The robed figures fled before the Knight Errant officers came on the scene, and somehow eluded capture. All were described as normal looking humans and metahumans, though one witness stated that one of the group members had a bright red replacement cybereye. So far no arrests have been made, but local security forces are urging SF residents to avoid large public gatherings for the time being.

>>>>>>>>>EMPIRE OF JAPAN<<<<<<<<<

Tokyo -- At a press conference today at the Hotel Nikko Tokyo, pop actress Shimizu Kaita read a statement that she had been given by the great dragon Ryumyo. Kaiza stated that she had been paid to call the conference and read the statement, but other than that could not shed any light on the meaning of the words she read. The press release spoke mainly of the dragon's pride in the empire of japan, and the way in which the country and it's holdings is being handled. At one point, somewhat cryptically, the statement stops-mid paragraph to say: "In contrast to my pride in the race of peoples governing my homeland, my own race has made a grave mistake. Redresses must be had for the decisions that have been made. Despite the recent years, I do not forget. Nor will I ever." Ryumyo has so far been unreachable for comment.

>>>>>>>>>>FAST FAX NEWS<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>FAST FAX NEWS<<<<<<<<<<

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