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Fast Fax News - 2004-04-02

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>>>>>>>>>>FAST FAX NEWS<<<<<<<<<<


Detroit -- Early this morning well known dwarven community leader Rohit Talwar was killed while attempting to protect a group of changelings from a street gang as they drove home from Harper University Hospital. Talwar was a friend of the group, and defended the SURGElings with his life. Mr. Talwar was a respected member of the metahuman rights group ORC, and is survived by a wife and two children.


Tokyo, Japan -- Japanese scientists in all three of the nippon-based AAA corporations have announced they will be initiating an intensive study into the phenomenon of SURGE. They will be doing so with an eye towards correcting what one Shiawase public relations officer called "an obvious mistake on mother nature's part". Japanese citizens have been invited to take part in this groundbreaking series of clinical experiments as soon as next week.


Geneva, Switzerland -- A hearing was held today at the United Nations to determine if a review was needed of the legal status of the newly meta'd members of metahumanity. Several SURGElings gave testimony as to their mental faculties and experiences going through the SURGE process. The 6 hour session ended with the decision that changelings have all the rights and privileges of their originating metahuman species. Japan and several of the Chinese states objected firmly to this decision, and requested that the issue be revisited in the future.

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Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawai'i -- Yet another example of the SURGE process was discovered today in a small cove on the western side of the big island. Two small members of the right whale species were observed floating gracefully in mid-air, apparently grazing on leaves at the tops of nearby palm trees. As yet no specimens have been collected of this new and fascinating example of cetacean, but scientists speculate that pressurized air sacs inside the whale's body could account for the creature's ability to float.

>>>>>>>>>>FAST FAX NEWS<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>FAST FAX NEWS<<<<<<<<<<

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