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Session Notes - 2003-10-05

October 5, 2003

We wake around noon. Jane stayed up most of the night, Derek stayed up all night.

I introduce the team to Wrench, as Mr. Johnson. He needs a place to stay for 24 hours, and may need a willing but skittish extraction.

A friend's son came into town to take over business, a car dealership in Tacoma. He had problems and took out some loans. He had problems paying the bills. Wrench got in contact with the people, at the meeting he picked up a limp.

He wants to make some calls and to lay low. In a few hours after some calls he can have further information.

Wrench's cyberware is primarily "administrative."

We talk privately while Wrench makes calls on his head cell phone. Lady Jane scans the area. We discuss. Derek emails Gabel looking for a meeting, same time, same place.

Wrench indicates that he'd like to arrange retrieving his friend. His friend is probably in Redmond, the barrens.

Gabel replies, same time and place, but day after tomorrow (Tuesday).

Wrench's friend is in "The Plastic Jungles" Maryland and Roanoak. A coffin hotel, the Shukugen Rest Tubes.

Derek and Bert talk by radio. We'll charge 1,000 per person, per day, 1,000 for the retrieval, more if there is a problem.

"It's like St Louis, it's needs to be cool, like St. Louis. Your Dad's pal sent us" Probably not armed. His name is Max, he's tall, green hair, cyber eyes, one blue, one black, acne problem.

Bianca and Bert will be heading off on the retrieval. The rest of us will stay here with Wrench. Jane will do spot checks.

Bianca and Bert take my bike, we're left with the van. Bert picks up his Toyota Elite en route.

The plastic jungle is covered with plastic domes, many are cracked. The heat from inside steams out. The jungles were an old conservatory and have been maintained crudely by the squatters.

The neighborhood is badly run down. The only two businesses that still look open are a Chinese Laundromat and the coffin hotel. Many buildings are burnt out. Gangers and prostitutes abound. The gangers all have red handkerchiefs with black lining tied around their knee. The gangers are all orcs. Bianca think it's the Rusted Stilettos, a trog gang.

Jane summons a city spirit to keep watch.

Bert drops off Bianca, he'll circle while she goes in. There is a guy hanging out by the door. She talks to him and asks about the green haired fellow. "That fucker? He knocked down one of my girls. He locked himself in his room."

Bianca heads in. The guy in the tube doesn't reply until she says he should stay cool, like St Louis. "Thank God!" He comes in. Bianca leads him downstairs and calls Bert. Bert swings by. They drive off.

Checking for tails they don't notice anyone.

They make it back to the safe-house in Puyullup.

Meanwhile, Johnson rouses himself. He thinks he is set. He has a meeting this evening. It's in a restaurant, no weapons or other noteworthy gear. There will likely be scans. He believes that the other side is trustworthy and will be unarmed.

Bert calls up, he's en route and will be back in less than an hour. He asks for his van to be moved into the street (so he can park in the garage). Derek jacks into the car and checks it out. He notes that it has a decent sensor package, armor, a souped up engine, a drone launcher, and a recessed turret. Derek pulls the van into the street and parks it.

I keep an eye out. The street seems quiet. An occasional group of thugs wanders by. When Derek pulls the van onto the street some thugs are walking by. They don't seem to particularly care about. I don't spot any gang colors.

A bit later Bert pulls in. Max and Wrench talk, and I tell the team about the plans for this evening.

Unknown to us, Derek listens in on Max's conversation. He also uses some sort of augmented smell to sniff sweat and alcohol on Max.

While we talk about the plan, some thugs outside take whacks at the van. Remotely Bert starts the van and drives it back quickly. They scatter. Bert parks the van.

We decide on 1,000 for the general coverage, more for special circumstances. Probably myself and Bianca.

We head over. Max seems sullen.

The restaurant is the Eye on the Needle. Wrench says security is paranoid, but I should be able to get in. The meeting is at 2100. It's 6:00 now, transit time is about an hour.

Max takes a shower.

Wrench suggests we take "our witch" with us.

Current plan, Wrench, Max, myself, Bianca, and Jane will take the car, Max has a jack and can drive. Bert and Derek will be nearby with the van.

As we discuss Wrench gets irritated with our slow planning and paranoia. He's not keen on Bert's reluctance to sort our the travel, and he doesn't understand our worrying about clothing.

We head off.

We park below the Seattle Center. There is a security hut and some cameras.

Max says we're to be seeing a Jason Biggio. He's well respected. I point out that I'll be more comfortable standing. Max says Jason will probably have someone standing behind him. Bianca and I will stand. Jane will sit. Max asks if Jane can "look more magical." She doesn't have any ideas.

Meanwhile Derek and Bert head to a nearby diner. Bert waits outside Derek heads in for a bite an to get a soda for Bert.

We ride up the elevator. Bianca makes idle conversation with the elevator guy.

When we arrive at the restaurant. Max introduces us as the party for Mr. Jason. We're led to a private room without windows. The wood paneled walls are decorated with images of the history of Seattle. An older gentleman with a receding headline is waiting at the table. He's a bit overweight, but there is muscle beneath it. Behind him is a tall, lean fellow. He looks like a mercenary.

Bianca notices that the mercenary has a holdout pistol hidden. He also has something stiff in his belt, perhaps a click-stick.

I think that the mercenary is armed somehow. The seated man doesn't appear to be armed. The mercenary has cyber-eyes, the seated man has a data jack.

Wrench, Max, and Jane sit down. Bianca and I sit down.

Jane peeks astrally. The seated man has a faint magical aura. The mercenary has cyberware. The place is heavily warded. The seated man asks that she keep attention here.

You can tell someone is astrally perceiving if you know what to look for.

"It is good that we have come to arrangement. It is good that you have friends with you. Max, we have had some problems over the last few months. You agree to the arrangement your uncle has arranged."

Wrench agrees. The older man pulls some papers out of a suitcase and passes them to Max. Max flips through them, mutters, and signs them.

Jason invites the group to dine to show that there are no hard feelings. Wrench agrees. His muscle continues standing, so both Bianca and I do. Dinner smells really good. They finish, Wrench and Jason stand and shake. We head out.

Wrench pulls out a pocket secretary and puts some money on a certified credstick. He gives it to us. We drop him off at his car. Bert drops people off at their vehicles. I take his car (driven remotely by Bert) to Bert's shop, pick up my bike, and head home. I check the credstick, it has 5,000.

July 4th, 2061, Monday

I call Bert, we decide to get together on Tuesday at the bar fifteen minutes before our meeting. Bert will call everyone else. I relax for the day.

July 5th, 2061, Tuesday

We head to the Buffalo Jump a bit in advance. We assemble and talk for a bit. Everyone but Derek is amiable to the extended employment offer we're expected.

The bartender lets us know that we can go back. Gabel is waiting. We give him the black box, he examines it with his pocket secretary. He seems generally happy with what he's seeing.

Jane eyes up the room astrally. She notices that Gabel only has a data jack, nothing else.

Gabel is pleased. He has no idea went we went in. He gives us the remainder, plus a fifteen percent bonus for our professionalism. He again offers the extended employment offer.

Derek expresses his uncertainty regarding the arrangement.

Gabel repeats that he can offer new identification, travel expenses, medical attention, and matchmaking with potential employers. This would cost five percent of the pay. He would also occasionally have jobs of his own. The agreement would be non-exclusive, but he would hope that his work would be higher priority.

Jane asks about what sorts of places we might travel. Gabel indicates that Denver is interesting.

Denver is the treaty city where the Native American Nations were formed. The Treaty of Denver. The city is divided into multiple sections controlled by various counties, Aslan, UCAS, CAS, Ute Nation, Salish-Shidehe Nation, Poablo. It's a big smuggling center.

Derek signs on.

Gabel has another opportunity, but needs to look further into it. He'll be in touch, probably by the end of the week. We'll probably meet with his contact early next week.

He excuses himself, he welcomes us to use the room. The bartender has been told to let us use the room when we need it.

We divvy up our loot. We get 2,610 each.

July 7th, 2061, Thursday

Gabel calls. We're to be free Monday, no time or place yet. I let everyone know.

July 9th, 2061, Saturday

Gabel calls. We're to be at The Big Rhino, a restaurant in downtown Seattle at 7:00 o'clock, on Monday.

Karma: To all: 1 survival. 1 Max and Wrench,

To me: 1 being nice to Wrench

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