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Session Notes - 2003-10-26

October 26, 2003

We discuss plans. Bert believes that if he is on-premises he can try to seize control of the rigged building. He might need to jack in. While he is attacking the rigging system the other rigger cannot control the system (or must yield the system). We also learn that Bert has a drone that can reach the roof with 50 kilos of gear.

Our options are:

Getting in:

Dealing with the Rigger



Jane sends a watcher in to scout the building. The watcher isn't terribly smart, but she learns that there is a Shaman "who smells sick" and a city spirit.

(Building is Mitsurana, a AA corporation.)

There are no sky-walks. There is a front door, a fire door, a loading dock, and an access point to the underground garage. There is no evidence that the basement connects elsewhere.

Bert and Jane head off for dinner at the restaurant to scope it out magically. Bert confirms a wireless rigging system in place. He probes the system and learns the encryption protocol. He doesn't think he's been caught.

Jane scouts the restaurant astrally. There is a ward around the scroll. In the kitchen is a small office. The office is behind the scroll. In the office is a keypad on the wall. There are no spirits wandering around. On the way out Jane notices a thin sidewalk tree spirit in the lobby. It scowls at Jane and fades through a wall

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Derek asks Gabel about:

There are no gun ports in the building. There is a mini-gun in the pond on the roof. The day shift includes 10 guards, a security rigger, and a shaman. There is no shaman at night. No significant anti-vehicular weapons. Security is provided by Mitsurana and the parent corporation (which isn't known).

Derek accepts the job.

Restaurant hours:

11am-3pm, 5pm-9pm M-R
11am-3pm, 5pm-11pm FS
Closed Sunday

The tentative plan is for Jane to watch the car entrance through binoculars and try to spot the shaman. Then someone else can follow the shaman. On the day of the run we can put the shaman to sleep chemically to ensure he won't meddle with our run.

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