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Session Notes - 2003-11-09

November 9, 2003

July 13th, 2061, Wednesday

Additional note: "Day Shift" for guards ends at 6:00pm.

Jane identifies the shaman. He has a magically active driver. Derek gets a home address for him. His name is Steven Smith. He lives about 20 minutes away.

"Your search shows that while automatic rappelling was in use in the late twentieth century, it fell out of favor when people realized that not using one was the real test of skill." -- Michael.
"Nuyen, you git-mongering smeg-whore!" -- Michael, expressing his disdain for Brian referring to Nuyen as "Space Bucks" and "Talons"

We plan, plan, plan, plan.

Jane will sent a City spirit to cause an Accident on the shaman's car as he's heading home. Derek, Bert, and Bianca will head in glamoured (1,500¥) for a 7:15 dinner reservation.. Jane will wait in the van and provide astral cover and support. Once they confirm that everything looks good, Bert will attack the rigging system. I'll be dropped in by helicopter with a large bag of weapons. I'll be dropped by the back of the restaurant (out of line of sight of the mini-gun). Bianca and Derek will be waiting there. We'll head into the kitchen. Derek will attack the mag-lock on the case. Bert will continue his attack on the rigging. We'll head around to the scroll case and regroup with Bert. If the case is unlocked we'll grab it. If the case is still locked we'll blow it open and grab the scroll. If we believe we can secure the top floor, we'll call in the helicopter and leave. We'll be dropped off at a nearby park where Bert's van will be waiting. If we can't secure the floor, we head out to the front door (by elevator if possible, by stairs otherwise). As we approach the ground floor Bert will rig the van to rejoin us and open fire on the lobby to provide cover. We flee, lose any tails (especially magical), and retreat to our hideout.

July 16th, 2061, Saturday

I get together with Violent, we grab a bite and hang out some.

July 17th, 2061, Sunday

I clean my gear and do some exercises.

July 18th, 2061, Monday

I head to the Buffalo Jump where a car take me to a helipad outside of town. A dwarf by the name of Ripper is waiting with a helicopter. The chopper is a tricked out civilian Hughs Aerospace AirStar. He's a Cockney Australian.

As the Shaman leaves, Jane sics the spirit on his car.

Derek, Bert, and Bianca meet with Gabel's spell caster. She is a young woman. She casts glamour. She'll maintain it for two hours, or one if we call early to cancel.

Jane's spirit causes a crash, the shaman is unconscious.

Bert takes a cab to the building. He sends the van through a circuitous route to they arrive later.

A light rain beings to pour.

Check weather report.

Bert heads in. A bit later Bianca and Derek head in. Both groups are escorted into the courtyard.

Bert calls me, through some obfuscated discussions we agree I'll arrive in five minutes. Bert text messages Bianca, "Go." Bianca and Derek head outside. They tell the waitstaff where they'll be.

Bert attacks rigging system. He slams into the building rigger.

Ripper and I arrive. I slide down the line onto the roof. I unzip the bag and start handing out weapons and ski masks.

The building rigger attacks back, but Bert overpowers him. Bert takes the building over. Bert senses the people in the building and the guards. The guards are concentrated on the first floor and parking garage. Two guards in the garage. Six guards are on the first floor. Two are in the restaurant; one is the matre de, the other is near the front desk.

Bert tells the mini-gun to not shoot the helicopter. He unlocks the kitchen door and the office door. Bert locks the doors near the guards. An elevator taking four guests up with a guard is dropped off a few floors below. The other elevator is parked in the basement. Bert notes that there are Panic Buttons to Lone Star. The attached note indicates a three minute response time.

Bert cannot control the Panic Buttons. Bert warns us that the Matre De and someone else in the restaurant are guards.

I head in, "Everyone down and nobody gets hurt."

Jane sends her spirit to the roof to destroy the watchers and Confuse any enemies in the garden.

The guard in the elevator is surprised when it stops on the wrong floor. "Ted, what's going on?" Bert replies, "Umm, sorry." and send the elevator to the lobby.

The kitchen staff drops to the floor, many start screaming. I head to one of the corridors and cover the corridor and kitchen.

I move down the hallway, hiding in the side rooms.

The guard in the elevator calls the first floor mentioning that he has a problem with the elevator.

A young man in his mid-twenties comes down the hallway. He sees me and drops into a combat stance. He attacks me unarmed with a martial arts chop, but my armor soaks it. I spray a burst into his shoulder.

The other guard comes down the other corridor. Bianca opens fire on him with her pistol. The guard is badly injured, but returns fire. Bianca is shot and takes a wound. Bianca dodges two shots from the guard. Bianca blows his head off.

The guard on me opens fire with a heavy pistol. He wings me. I empty another burst into the guard. One of the rounds enters his head, he falls backward.

Bert tries to bluff the guards into believing that the elevator is experiencing a "routine maintenance."

Jane's spirit reports that the watchers have been taken care of.

I burst through the rice paper wall into the courtyard. The waitstaff scream and head to the front door. I drop off some gear in front of the Bert and guard the front door.

Derek cracks the mag-lock case and hacks on the mag-lock. It's slow going.

Bert locks down the doors. He sets up some traps. If they enter the second elevator they'll be bounced around at high speed. The various doors out of the lobby are now one way. Bert logs out and grabs his stuff.

Derek finesses the lock, he thinks he is making progress.

Out of nowhere something appears. It's a tall Asian man in business suit. I get the sense of calm control recently shattered. A sash with kanji is over his suit. He points at me, "YOU!" and lunges toward me. I open fire. The bullets fly through it. It smacks me, I roll to avoid most of the damage. I back into the garden and spray the spirit. It shudders and flies away.

Derek unlocks the case, I head in to grab it.

Bert reconnects to the rigging system. The guards on the first floor are freaking out; Jane's spirit enchanted them with Confusion. The guard in the elevator has activated manual control and is heading to the top floor. On the thirteenth floor something appears and there is an explosion taking out Bert's sensors.

Jane sends a new spirit through the building spreading confusion. She sends a watcher up, but it is destroyed by something.

Bert opens fire on the elevator shaft, destroying the system and locking it in place.

Bianca calls in the helicopter.

Bert sends the van outside. He entirely locks down the building and disengages. The helicopter arrives, we scramble up. Bert and I have some problems holding on and the helicopter pulls away, but we hang on barely.

As we retreat a klaxon goes off.

The helicopter drops us off at the park. The van races up and we hop in.

Monitoring the radio, Bert hears Lone Star discussing the incident. They have a minute and a half response time.

Jane's spirit reports that something very powerful, more powerful than her is following us. After a moment it disappears, leaving the city. Odd.

We notice that the glamour is gone, well before it should have been. We need to take this up with our mage, that's really bad..

Listening in, Bert hears that the thirteenth floor was destroyed. Bert takes a circuitous routes back to the safe-house.

Karma: 1 moving plot forward, 1 mission success, 1 keeping glass case intact

Karma: To Brian: skilled rigging: 1

Security systems, like locks, have "play", use it to find weaknesses.
Create complications. Security systems tend to have weaknesses when different procedures interact. How do you respond to a simultaneous shadowrun and fire? Or chemical spill? Bomb threat? Gang war? Autogun vs hostage? Authentication vs ident vs authorize?

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