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Session Notes - 2003-12-19

December 19, 2003

July 31st, 2061, Sunday

We meet Gable at "You Should Not Eat So Much," a chain of Chinese restaurants.

We learn about the spell being dropped. Apparently she had sent a follower along, the spirit got confused by wards and reported that everything was okay.

Gable offers us new work. It's in Salish-shide, Bellingham. If we accept the job from the Johnson, Gable would want us to also make a package delivery in the same location. We indicate that we're willing to consider the work. We'll be meeting a tall Johnson with long white hair. He'll be at Dante's Inferno in the fourth circle in two days at 21:00. We're to get in contact with Gable after the meeting.

August 2nd, 2061, Tuesday

We arrive early. Bert and Jane wait in his car. Jane will spy astrally. Bert will stay in touch by radio. Bianca, Derek, and I will head in. I'll remain at a distance watching Bianca and Derek's backs. Bianca and Derek will talk to the Johnson. Jane senses that the place is full of a party-like feeling.

After a bit a tall white haired man arrives. He is a bit over six feet tall. He is wearing a white suit. He has bright blue cybernetic eyes. Jane identifies extensive body modifications and head-ware. He is calm and in good health.

The Johnson says we come highly recommended by Gable and asks how we met Gable. Johnson wants a package delivered to a friend in Bellingham. It's about the size of breadbox. It is not ticking, it won't spoil, it has no environment requirements. He would like it delivered within 24 hours. He is prepared to offer 10,000¥. His friend lives in a disreputable neighborhood. The item is described as a "trinket." Johnson acquired it for his friend. The item needs a license; Johnson cannot provide one. He doesn't believe there is a particular interest in the package.

We agree to the terms. A waiter brings the package. He gives us the package and a credstick. The credstick has the delivery address. The box is about the size of a breadbox. It's been wrapped in brown paper and twine. There is no labeling. It feels like a cardboard box. It weighs about 15 pounds. Jane pokes around, there is no magical aura.

Jane follows the Johnson. He heads outside and gets into a limo. There is an orc driver and an elven woman. Neither is magical or has cyberware They drive to the edge of town to a warehouse at the southern edge of Pyollup(sp).

We regroup. The drive is about three hours. We do some research. The busiest times are during rush hour. It is advised to not travel between 23:00 and 06:00, the highways are abandoned to go-gangs. There are passes that ease commuting, but they are expensive and time consuming to acquire. Being non-native American we might be IDed. Bribes are easiest late at night when it isn't busy and there are no supervisors. Border guards make a low-lifestyle, about 1,000¥ per month. We will be checked if we pass the border.

We check with Gable. He will give us directions to a gentleman who will tell us where to pick up a package. He won't pay us, but he'll help up get past the border. We agree. We give him our fake identities. He says he'll handle it, we should take the I-5. We should not have to bribe the border guards. We'll be contacting a man called Laughing Eyes. He owns a pool hall called the Left Pocket in southern Bellingham. Gable seems a bit put off when we ask about getting paid. No one seems to know why.

We decide to take two vehicles. The truck holds Derek, Jane, and myself. Bianca and Bert will be in the sedan. It takes us a few hours to assemble everything.

Brian sez to work on the back of his van to mask the pop up turret from the inside. He also asks his fixer about getting some submachine guns to add to the supplies in his vehicles.
Brian get removable cover for truck's rear section (fold up seats, armored).

August 3rd, 2061, Wednesday

We head down the border. We arrive at the border around 02:00. We're on the north edge of Seattle, in Everett.

Michael sang "O Canada". In its entirety. Yay!

The guard post is quiet. We head up. The sedan heads up first. A guard approaches. He is wearing a dark green, tight military uniform. The Salish-shide flag is on a patch on his uniform. He is obviously cybered up. He asks for ID. After checking ID he lets the sedan through. The process repeats with the truck.

The ride to Bellingham is uneventful, but odd. There are no buildings, just wilderness and trees. After a few hours we arrive at the edge of Bellingham around 05:00. Bellingham is not build up as high as Seattle, there are many buildings from the previous century.

The address on the credstick leads us to a sleazy bar in downtown Bellingham. It's called The Biting Asp. We drive by. It looks like a biker bar. There are about 10 hawgs parked outside. According to our notes, inside we'll meet John Waters. The bartender will know John. Jane, Derek, and Bianca head in. There are a number of fat bikers drinking and smoker. There are orks, trolls, and humans. Conversation immediately stops, there is a snicker from the back of the bar. A troll attempts to trip Bianca, but she deftly steps over. A short greasy human is behind the bar. After a moment conversations restart.

It takes a moment to get the bartenders attention, but eventually the bartender says to sit down, have a beer, and he'll be back. The bartender heads off. One of the bikers sidles up to the bar. Derek offers him one of the beers. The bartender returns. Apparently John has been expecting us and sends the group into the back.

The back office smells of fine cigar. The office is quite nice. There is a real wood desk. There are bookshelves full of real books. A thin, tall man sits behind the desk. He has a nice haircut with a pony tail. He is wearing a dark blue suit. He accepts the package. He shakes it. He opens the box and peers inside. "Everything looks good, send my thanks to your employers next time you see him." They head out. As they head out, Derek says to the biker at the bar, "If there are ten of you here, why are there only nine bikes?" and heads out.

We head out. We circle around for a while checking for tails. Lady Jane notices a watch spirit tail. She summons a spirit that destroys it.

We head to the Left Pocket. Jane scouts ahead, it's empty. A sign on the door says it opens at 11:00. We head off to a Denny's get a bite and coffee. Jane and Bianca head out to the car around dawn. Jane summons a spirit. Three biker's show up. They were at the bar. They look drunk, but don't smell drunk. They chat with Derek. Bert starts his car remotely. I head to the register to settle up. They sit down at Derek's invitation. Jane's spirit warns her that we have company.

A pillar of flame appears in the restaurant behind me. Crap. Jane goes astral. Jane's spirit is fighting a water elemental astrally. I head outside, the fire elemental follows.

The bikers look hostile; Bert opens fire. Jane attacks the water elemental. Bianca pulls me into the van and shuts the door. I open fire on the fire elemental through a gun-port. The bikers attack. Bert blows the head off one biker. Jane beats down the water elemental. I rip into the fire elemental with my submachine gun. Jane's spirit finishes off the fire elemental Jane sends her spirit in to confuse the remaining bikers. One biker is confused, the other drags his friend out the back. Derek fires a few shots after them. I head around back and intercept them. "Don't. Move." When I ask who sent them, they choke and die. The hell? We hop in the van and flee.

We park about twenty minutes away in a parking ramp. Scanning the radio, Derek cracks into the Eagle Security radio. They're on the scene, forensics on en route. I treat my wounds ineffectively. We rest for a bit.

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