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Session Notes - 2003-12-21

December 21, 2003

We watch the news feeds and scan the police channels. The police have a description of our vehicles, but not the plates or descriptions of us. There were no cameras. There is not an APB on us.

We catch on the news a commencement. On the 50th anniversary of the independence of the Saleesh(sp) nation. It was the completion of a memorial to the warriors in the uprising and the 50th year of the Awakening. Our package was being held by someone at the platform. The person is a local leader of Macaw. The package was identified as the final brick. The package explodes, the news feed cuts out. We feel the blast and see it in the distance. The man at the podium was Joseph Laughing-eyes, our meet. He was a PR man for the Macaw, a minority tribe within the Salish Council.


The Tsimshian Wolves claim credit according to the news. They are a paramilitary group from the north (Tsimshian). There are at least 50 dead. The borders have been locked down. There is talk of martial law.

We discuss plans. This is likely going to be tough. The last similar terrorist attack was over a year ago, things calmed down in a few days. But last time there was an arrest within two days and no government officials were killed.

Jane mentions that she is a Moon Shaman (a druid), and that her strength is on water. Perhaps a flight by water?

Mention to Gable that we'd rather not take any more jobs where civilian death is expected. No more aiding terrorists.

At around 11:00am, Gabel calls. He says his friend can't put us up, and he'll look for another place for us to stay. A few minutes later Derek gets an email with a new address, an apartment.

We head south toward the apartment. We leave the city and end up driving through the prairie. The run-down apartment building is in the middle of nowhere. The front door is open. There are two other apartment buildings nearby.

Jane scouts astrally. There is only one person in the building, he's on the first floor and is muttering to himself. There are a few people in other buildings, but no law enforcement.

Bianca and I head in. We hear someone talking loudly to himself madly, "Why are they coming back." The building reeks of urine. We head up to the third floor and point to the apartment in question. The lock appears to be broken. Jane astrally scouts. The building is very sad.

We head into the room. It's abandoned. We search the room and don't fine anything. A phone hidden under the carpet rings, we pull it out and answer. It's Gable. He hints that we should hang out here. He'll send someone by with "bread."

Bianca searches nearby rooms. She finds some food.

Bert and I hang out in the vehicles and watch the news. There is debate in the council about possibly mobilizing the military and sending them north. There is a 7:00pm curfew. The borders are heavily locked down, most people are turned away. It's around 3:00pm at this point. We park the vehicles around back.

Around 10:00pm Jane and Bert are awakened by their spirit and drones respectively. A vehicle is approaching. It's a Dodge Ram. A tall troll is driving. He has one horn. He pulls up and gets out. He is wearing nice clothing. He knocks, he is let inside.

"I'm unarmed" -- The Troll

"We're not." -- Bianca.

When questioned he produces a chip. It has Gable's voice. He is sad that our "hunting trip" isn't going well. This is his friend. His friend can provide supplies. Gable's friend knows of another "good hunting spot" that's on the Seattle side of the border. Gable's friend says he can lead us out immediately. He'll get in his vehicle and we'll follow. He doesn't provide a name, we won't have a way to contact him while on the road. We head out down the side road. We speed along.

August 4th, 2061, Thursday

We drive for several hours. As we near the border he pulls off onto a dirt side road on the right. It's about midnight. He pulls into a mini-town, just a few buildings and a gas station. He pulls into the gas station and up to the pumps. We refuel. The troll wants to sit for a moment; he was driving for a while before he met us. We grab a bite and rest. When Bert asks, the troll indicates that he came from the north. Jane scouts astrally. While poking around the forest she bumps into an owl that is astrally present.

After a half hour we hit the road again. After another twenty minutes the troll stops his truck. The troll waves Bert up. "Down this road is a sealed off path; just a piece of fencing." We're to go through it. Further down the road we'll pass over the border. We'll come out on a side street in a forest in a public park in Everett. We may run into border patrols in the forest. Bert thanks the troll for his assistance. The troll heads back.

Jane scouts ahead. Bert sends his skimmer. The fence is a heavy duty log fence. It is six feet tall. There is barbed wire at the top. The van could probably ram it down.

Jane encounters a watcher spirit. The spirit says that its boss says to tell the boss if anyone who isn't the boss shows up. Jane fast talks it to not report her.

Bert notices a wire running the length of the fence. Probably a break sensor. It seems that it is broadcasting a signal.

As we plan, Jane's spirit warns her of an approaching spirit. The watcher spirit is back and wants to confirm that is can be there. Jane and her spirit wrestle the watcher before it can report us. Jane sends her watcher to tell us that we need to move fast. Bianca and I weaken the fence. Bert's tools include a crowbar and a saws-all which help. Derek rewires the break wire into a shallow trench so it won't break when we pass by. This takes about a half hour.

Bert pulls the van up and pushes the weakened wall. The fence falls. The break wire broadcast is still going.

Jane orders her spirit to hold the watcher as long as possible. We drive on quickly. We're in Seattle. After forty minutes the road stops. It's about 3:00am. There is a playground, some benches, and across some grass the real road.

"Is this Ramstein?" -- Michael, asking about the music

"No." -- Brian

"Are you lying?" -- Michael

We head to the safe-house. Jane dismisses her spirits. Listening to the police stations there are occasional reminders to look for people crossing the border. We stop at a car wash and wash off the cars.

Can we passively scan for keywords in the news and police channels without drawing attention to ourselves? If so, search for any terms, places, and names in our run from minute one (Bert's job via his Car o' Doom), May alert us to changing conditions.

While scanning Jane notices a spirit that flits into a building.

We arrive at the safe-house and rest. People wake around noon. We hide out for the rest of the day.

August 5th, 2061, Friday

We discuss the attack on us. We decide that it was related to our delivery and we should charge for it.

We email Gable, he calls soon thereafter. He asks about a "souvenir," I apologize that I didn't get him anything. We agree to get together for dinner at the usual place at 10:00pm.

We grab a bit at McHughs, then head to the Buffalo Jump. We talk with Gable. He is interested in what went wrong. We explain. Gable thinks that the men probably had triggered cyberware that killed them. Apparently extremists groups in area sometimes use them. Gable offers a place to crash, but we've got our safe-house. He also offers to track down and delete any records of us, we indicate an interest.

We head to the safe-house to crash again.

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