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Session Notes - 2004-02-01

Bert calls up Lupus and asks about local auto shop. Lupus directs us to a McHughs, we're to park in the back, order a cheeseburger with extra fries, and mention that Lupus sent us.

Jane checks for tails. There doesn't appear to be one. We arrive at McHughs without a problem. Given the code words the manager is brought out.

The manager, Fred, takes Bert, Jane, and Derek into his office in the next building. He offers us a small SUV in exchange for the van and 3,000¥. Bert declines. He can repair the vehicle for 2,500¥. Bert declines. Fred will buy the vehicle for 10,000¥. Bert accepts. We'll spend the night in town at the Falcon's Nest, a local Bed and Breakfast. Fred also sets us up with train tickets back to Montreal. Fred's secretary sets us up with reservations at Admonton's Rest, a nice seafood place.

We enjoy dinner and get some sleep. We have watches. Around in the morning the phone rings. It appears to be a wrong number for a "Suzanne." Derek looks into the number, it's from a "John Johanson" in Montreal. Otherwise the night passes uneventfully.

This is your wake-up call for the third watch. -- Kat.

August 13th, 2061, Saturday

We get up at the 8:30 wake up call. We have a tasty breakfast. We discover that the train stations have metal and chemical detectors. Crud. We return the tickets and get bus tickets. We get a suitcase, transfer our illegal gear into it. We get on the bus. There are a few other passengers, they aren't armed. Jane notices that a young man on board is magically active, but he doesn't seem interested in us. The bus is remotely rigged.

That wouldn't be styling. But a bus! It has bathrooms. -- Brian, discussing stealing a bus

And hostages. -- Ben

We arrive in Montreal without a problem. A taxi takes us to the corner near our apartment.

When we get back to the apartment there is a message for us. It's Lupus checking in on things. It's dated yesterday before we called him. A second message asks us to call him for lunch. We call Lupus's cell, but he doesn't reply. After a bit the trid rings. It's Lupus, he invites us to a local auto-mat.

We meet Lupus and get a bite. I get a new cell phone, disposable. Lupus apparently lost his job; he hit Mark. On his way out he stole some of their plans, he's going to try and sell it tomorrow. He's like Bianca and myself to accompany him. He'd like the rest of the group to look into something. He was trying to get us some more work, the rest of the group can look into it. Oh, and he needs a place to stay, so he'd like to move back into his apartment.

That evening we get more details. Bianca and I will go with Lupus to see Chesska, an information collector, to try and sell the information. The other three will see a contact, a woman named Tharees. She has a lead on a Johnson with a serious run. Lupus hasn't heard from Gabel in a while. We sit around and watch TV, including "Those Wacky Elves," a sitcom about orcs and elves living next to each other.

August 14th, 2061, Sunday

Lupus gives the other three information. They're to meet Therees at a dinette in a train station. Bianca and I will be heading to a local native American tribes museum. I take a pistol.

Therees is a tall blond woman in a dark suit. The other three are to find out if she has heard back from her Johnson.

The other three meet Therees. She says that they are impressed with the team. She has spoken with Gabel. Her employer would like to meet the team the day after tomorrow. They'll meet at a restaurant on top of a government building. It's a cigar bar. The job is a B&E, maximum damage and overt sabotage. She provides a chip with details. The Johnson wants to meet with us; but basically if we want the job we have the job.

Bianca and I arrive at the heritage museum. This is a small pro-Anglophone demonstration outside. We go in. A severely dressed woman is waiting. There is also an elderly couple. Lupus asks us to keep an eye on the couple. Lupus and the women head down the hall.

The woman appears armed. The couple carry themselves as someone much younger. Bianca notices that they are adepts. Ref and the woman appear to reach an agreement, he gives her a thick manila envelope. The couple tenses up. I stay between Lupus and the couple. He mentions that the arrangement went oddly, he didn't get paid in nuyen.

We regroup back at the apartment. We learn that Therees gave Lupus information. He was told that he should take a vacation and that FedDub (the Federal District) is nice. Interesting. She offered him an apartment in the Fed Dub. He's going to take her up on the offer. We're welcome to stay in the apartment, it's paid up through the end of the month.

The chip contains information on the run. It's directions from Montreal to a small town in north central Quebec. The town is called Edgewater, it has a population of about 350 people. The trip is about three hours. The town is home to a micro-manufacturing plant for Milton-Hedgers Company. The chip documents notable features in the town. We're to damage the plant as much as possible, slay as many security guards as possible. There are a series of clean rooms that much be damaged, that's the key element. The pay would be 20,000¥.

August 15th, 2061, Monday

The next morning Lupus wakes us up. He says that when we leave we should slide the key under the door.

We talk about the potential run. The key element is that we have to breach the clean rooms, making them unusable.

Derek checks on the corporation. They are privately held since an investment firm bought them out. Before that they briefly publicly traded with a small 4,000 share issue.

They claim to be on the forefront of micro-manufacturing technology. The building was originally built by a logging company. The building is several acres large.

We call Lupus with some questions about Therees. He suggests we use someone else. He suggests Angeline, she operates out of downtown. Lupus will arrange an audience, we should dress up.

That evening a drunk Lupus calls. We're to meet Therees at 14:30 tomorrow. The cigar bar is Desmond's, there are reservations for Mr. Johnson. It's on top of a Justice's building. We can meet Angeline either tomorrow at noon or the day after that at 10:00. We take the later appointment.

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