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Session Notes - 2004-02-08

February 8, 2004

We examine the chip Therees provided us. The building has been converted into a town. The population of Edgewater (inside the building) is about 350. It's about 5 acres. There is a river running through the building hooked up as a hydroelectric plant. A company town inside houses employees. There is a food court, a theater, a corporate hostel, and a general store called Isshiki (Everything). Part of the build is "human resources" and may include schooling and childcare. Outside is a large parking structure. The parking structure is broken into sections for the corporate vehicles and the employees. There is as small administration building.

Security is pervasive and friendly. There is no monitoring of residences. Major thoroughfares and work space is monitored. Transit is via golf-cart-like vehicles.

Part of the R&D facility is clean-rooms.

We think about questions to ask our Johnson. Those of us who need it purchase some nicer clothes.

August 16th, 2061, Tuesday

That afternoon we head to Desmond's. The cybereyed guard at the entrance sizes us up, then lets us in. The place is classy, dark oak, scarlet carpets, and old photographs. We're led directly to a corner booth. I get a tasty cigar.

A bit later a tall black male orc in a fine black suit and a jade green tie walks toward us and sits down. He is good looking, for an orc, small ears, and clean prominent tusks with jade caps. He is holding a glass of wine and a pocket secretary. As he sits down something dramatically dampens the external sounds.

They do not have details about the inside of the building. He is willing to purchase the results of any research we do on the building. He could pay as much as 5,000¥.

He would like the clean rooms to unusable. He's looking for charred metal. He would rather that we do _not_ destroy the worker's areas. He would like subtle sabotage to the assembly lines, but that is lower priority. The company still does micro-machining.

When we leave there will be a package waiting for us. Inside are particular industrial spray paints. On our way in and out he would like graffiti related to the Friends of Anglophones. FOA is a typical tag. We'll get pictures of other hits, we should try to mirror them.

We are to make the run by the end of Sunday.

Security is basic. There is no rigged security. There is an unknown level of magical security.

Derek asks about supplies. The Johnson recommends Angeline.

We head back to the apartment to talk. As we leave the doorman hands us a package. En route I look in the package. There is a chip, a credstick, two cans of green spraypaint, and on can of black spraypaint. The credstick has 3,000¥ on it.

The paint is industrial, very permanent. It's a minor controlled substance.

The credstick has an LTG number. The chip has photos of FOA hits. They typically wear masks of whatever sort they can get. Their spray-painted logo is FOA in a circle. The circle and the O are black, the other letters are green. The group is half a year old and formed by rich extremists.

Derek looks into getting thermite. A fellow by the name of Doctor Desperado on Shadowland is selling thermite components. Derek orders enough to make a kilo of thermite. It will be delivered to a street corner is a nearby town.

Bianca calls Lupus. He's in a good mood. For overwatch he would recommend a woman by the name of Buddy. She is based out of Pueblo. He'll give Buddy out number. He gives us contact information for Slammo, a Seattle guy, and a Florida woman named Theresa; they're both good information gatherers.

Lupus is really happy. He's working as an attache.

The FOA's last hit was a French language museum. They also hit a French language school, and a few grocery stores owned by a French speaking corporation.

Can you convincingly pretend to be a moderately sized agro-business? -- Ben, on the possibility of making a fertilizer bomb.

Derek calls the information gathers Lupus suggests. We connect to Slammo's system. We connect to a Matrix location. Derek arranges a deal with Slammo, he'll get the information. It will run 2,000¥ and 12 hours.

Hey, Face? -- Brian

Hey, Butt? -- Ben

August 17th, 2061, Wednesday

We head to a French bistro on the edge of town to meet Angeline. A woman in a business black dress is waiting for us. She has dark green cyber eyes. She asks how she can help us, Derek slides a piece of paper toward her. "You are very direct." She scribbles some prices on the paper and slides it back. We quickly confer, dropping some of the more expensive goods. "Apparently you are planning a fun party." We agree to the terms. She comments that we come highly recommended. We pay half up front; that seems to take her back. We'll see the goods the afternoon on Friday. She'll call us.

2,000 Slammo services

1,000 Termite from Desperado


800 Grenades, concussion (12)

1,200 Grenades, offensive (12)

1,200 Grenades, phosphorous (3)

20 Clips (4)

2,000 Timers (8)

Derek checks out the paint using sensors in his fingers; it seems like legit paint.

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