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Session Notes - 2004-02-15

We return to the apartment. There is a message from FedDub waiting. Lupus called, Gabel contacted Lupus. Gabel is apparently ready to get us out of Canada; someone Derek knows will help. It's a slightly confusing.

We piece together a plan. We get a map of the local area. We'll need three vehicles, one of which must be a van. Derek will get a cheap radio and convert it into a jammer.

One vehicle will be hidden a few miles away. The van will have a fertilizer car-bomb. We'll be driving up a dirt road to Edgewater. There is a guard post with two guard; we'll be jamming signals and hopefully stop the guards before they report us. We'll head around back. The van-bomb will be hooked up to the airbag system and the van will be automatically driven into the wall. It will blow open the outer wall and we'll head in. Jane will make Bianca invisible. Bianca will take a sniping position. Bert, Derek, and myself will stop opposition. Jane will spray-paint the FOA logo around. When we finish we'll head back out of the hole, hope in the second vehicle, and drive away. We'll head to the hidden vehicle and switch vehicles, possibly destroying the second vehicle to minimize evidence.

August 18th, 2061, Thursday

Derek gets a message from "Cairo." Cairo is heading toward Quebec and can provide a ride back west.

Derek purchases the cheap radio and converts it into a simple jammer. He meets with the fellow he arranged to meet online and purchases the ingredients for thermite..

That evening Derek and Bert steal a large van. They head to an abandoned lot and disable the transponder. We spent the evening making freezer bags of thermite.

August 19th, 2061, Friday

We pick up our supplies from Angelina. Bert and Derek boost an SUV and a minivan. We head up to Edgewater.

We arrive near the evening. We park the minivan at a rest stop a mile or so away and head onward. Derek drives the van, the rest of us are in the SUV. We drive up.

The gate is a simple wooden bar. There is one guard outside taking a smoke break; another is inside, visible through the window. As we pull up, wearing ski masks, the guards look surprised. Bert accelerates. I open fire on the guard inside, blowing him against the wall and knocking him out. Bianca fires on the smoker, but misses. Jane hits the smoker with a spell that causes him to convulse on the ground. The shakes it off and heads for the building. Bert slams into him with the SUV. We head around back.

Derek sets up the van for the ram. The SUV waits some distance away. The van is piloted into the wall. There is a mighty explosion. The explosion shatters the glass in the SUV. There is a huge hole in the outer buildings wall, perhaps twenty foot around. We grab Derek and head up to the wall. We pile out, Bert parks the SUV a bit out of the way. Jane makes Bianca invisible. We enter the outer building.

Jane paints the FOA logo on the outer wall. Derek shoots out the research lab's outer door. Bianca finds a place in a tree to snipe the main pathways. Bert arrives and we head in. I yank two cameras out the wall and cover the front entrance. Bert tosses a grenade into a room of cubicles.

Bianca opens fire on a group of approaching guards, dropping one of the guards. I lean out and blast one of them to distract them from Bianca. Another group approaches.

Derek attacks the mag-lock into the clean rooms. After a bit he opens the door. It takes a bit. I fall back. The guards approach, one opens the door. I drive him back with a spray of bullets that blows off a hand. The guard fires randomly at me without effect.

Then an earth elemental appears. Crap. I toss a grenade at its feet.

Jane drops the invisibility effect on Bianca and summons a spirit to help fight the elemental. The grenade goes off, the elemental doesn't seem to care. Drek, gotta remember that for the future. I spray it with explosive rounds.

Bianca continues to fire on the guards outside.

Bert and Derek start spreading thermite and lighting it.

The elemental attacks me, knocking me around lightly. Jane summons a spirit, then attempts to banish the elemental. The elemental is weakened. The summoned spirit, a homeless person, attacks the elemental. The elemental has the upper hand. I open fire again, the elemental is blown backward. The elemental slays the spirit. Another burst finishes the elemental.

The injured guard fires at me, but it bounces off my armor. I return fire, killing him.

Derek sets up the plastic explosives on a two minute timer. Bianca continues cover outside, spreading unexpected death. Jane summons another spirit, but tires herself out in the process.

Another guard shows up. I toss a phosphorous grenade at the door, the guard runs. After the first grenade explodes I toss another set to a long time. That, and a cry of "Grenade" in French should scare them away for a bit.

Bert and Derek continue setting flaming bags of thermite and the second patch of plastic explosives.

Bianca kills another guard. Nearby guards hit the ground and scan for the sniper. Two notice her and open fire. Bianca leaps out of the tree, one of the rounds wings her with a gel round. Above Bianca is a warbling high pitch cry like a bird of some sort.

Jane sends her summoned spirit to help Bianca. A small woman in rags appears an darts upward to face... something.

I toss a bag of thermite into the doorway. The rest of the group starts heading out. I toss my final phosphorous grenade into the library and warn the woman hiding there to "Run!" She isn't fast enough for me (but who is), so I drag her to the exit, toss her to the ground and warn her to stay down.

Far above Bianca she hears screams and spirit's wail. Bianca tangles in melee with two guards.

Bert slams some plastique on the outer wall.

I head out. On the ground is a large bat-like creature with human-like legs. I grab Jane and carry her toward the hole. The group runs toward the SUV.

The patch of plastic explosives attached to the outside of the building explodes.

Above a faintly available spirit fights another bat-creature.

We dice into the SUV and race off. Around front of the building a vehicle is parked near the gatehouse. It looks like the police. Bert fishtails into the cop car to damage it. We tear off.

We leave our thermite and the paint cans in the SUV. As we pile into the minivan I toss a grenade into the SUV. We tear off as the SUV burns. We head south.

During this mission it came up that the light armor the guards are wearing would cost us about 15,000¥ each. At that rate we should raid front gates of corporations and steal the armor.

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