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Session Notes - 2004-03-14

September 1st, 2061 Thursday

Bianca calls her fixer to look for someone who can do forensics work. Bianca is referred to a Doctor Dicer. Dicer is an older women. Bianca heads over and drops off the samples with Dicer.

That evening we go to see Bruce. We break in before Bruce arrives. Derek gets us past the cheap maglock. Bert has a blimp outside watching. We search his apartment. It's a low quality dive. Derek checks out Bruce's telecom. It's not much work to break the password; Derek makes a copy of everything he can find.

Someone arrives. It's a blond fellow wearing leathers and wraparound shades. He heads in. We set up to jump him.

He smells of cheap cologne and cigars. He heads into one of the room; sees me, and starts to bolt. Bianca, who had been invisibly waiting behind him, moves to intercept him. Bianca pushes him into the room. The man yields.

Jane scans him astrally. He has no cyberware, he is nervous, and in only okay health.

Bruce, as it appears to be, doesn't seem inclined to help us. I switch from the Narcojet pistol to the suppressed SMG; Bruce's opinion changes.

He was called by the Johnson. He has an LTG number. He met the Johnson at the warehouse. He was to get several young people, the appearance was irrelevant. He isn't sure what the kids were wanted for; he assumed joy-boys. At the pickup an nondescript black limo arrived with his Johnson (Mr. White), another man, and an elven woman. The Johnson indicated that there might be future work.

Bruce agrees to call us when the Johnson does in exchange for 750¥; Derek fronts him 375¥. He thanks us for being the most polite Bert leaves a warning as the "The door is ajar" message on his car.

September 2nd, 2061 Friday

Bianca goes to get the results of Dicer's work. Dicer returns the samples and a chip. It's 350¥. Most of the blood is from the dog. The bathroom sink samples contain a second blood source, a human source. That blood is related to Lady Jane's blood. The saliva matches that second blood source.

Derek scans Bruce's data. There are several Johnson entries.

Bert takes a phone call from Bert's fixer Takada. He invites Derek on to the call. She has the possibility of short term employment. It's similar to the last job. It's an escort job, possibly starting as an voluntary extraction. The run would start at 1700 on Friday. The offer is 7,500¥. No significant resistance is expected.

Bert and Derek let us know about the offer. We decide we need the money. Bert calls his fixer back to take the job. His fixer will also be getting two sub-dermal mics (for myself and Jane), and a micro-camcorder for Bianca. My mic will run 675¥. The gear will arrive Wednesday.

The target works at Green Farms, a subsidiary of NovaTech. It's a fish farm. It is located on a lake in Snohomish. They have several football fields of lake space. The company has about 350 people. The main building is right on the farm. Security is light. There are a dozen people during the day. Most are keeping an eye out for ecoterrorists. There are twice as many at night. There is a ward around the place and breeding area.

The target is a man by the Charles Therzin. Charles is a technical administrator. He is 30 years old and tall. He has wavy brown hair, blue eyes, and a baby face. We're to meet him on the outskirts of the fish farm at 1700 on Friday. Specifically we're meeting at Pumping Junction Room F-J at the northwest corner of the facility. It's on one of two covered docks out from the main building to the fishery.

We're taking Charles to a corporate hostel in south Auburn. Derek does some research. Saeder-Krup owns the hostel.

Some research shows that they outsource their pump repairs to Pumps, Inc. The pumps installed are capable of automatic requests for service. The last service visit was a month ago.

Bert scouts the target location. There are a half dozen guards on the docks during the day. There are about fifty cars in the lot.

The hostel is a nondescript hotel with no sign. There is a doorman in Saeder-Krup colors. The neighborhood is nice.

Our rough plan is for Derek and Bert to dress up like Pumps Inc employees. We'll need photo id. We'll paint up Bert's van similarly. Bert and Derek will head in, claiming to have been in the neighborhood and looking into a low-level alert from the pump system. We'll hire a decker to intercept the confirmation call to Pumps Inc and confirm Bert and Derek. An invisible Jane will sneak in with them. The two will head to the pump station and meet Charles. Jane will turn Charles invisible and the group will walk out.

If things go wrong Bianca and Ref will stage an eco-terrorist attack, probably using Ref's grenade launcher to lob a few grenades into the fishery. This will provide cover while the inside team retreats in the confusion.

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