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Session Notes - 2005-05-02

Shadowrun 57

May 2, 2004

Most corporations have an onion approach to security: a tough outer layer, but once inside it is delicious and can be sauted. -- Michael, having lost his metaphor.
Brian, you've been scarfing down pretzels like some sort of pretzel scarfing animal with some sort of dedicated pretzel scarfing oriface. -- Michael

We finalize our plan. Slammo will break in and set up a bogus interview for Derek. The day of Slammo will provide overwatch to mislead cameras and open doors as necessary. We contact Slammo, he agrees for 3,000¥. A bit later he calls back with arrangments. Derek Bridges is interviewing for the Research Assistant position at 3:00pm the next day with Jeff Hanson.

As a backup plan Bianca will sneak or bribe her way in with outsourced contractors. Slammo lets us know that the compound outsources groundskeeping to Green Thumb and waste management to Refuse Removal Limited.

September 26th, 2061, Tuesday

Derek heads in. The guard at the gate confirms the appointment, gives him a visitors badge, and directs him to the Synergenics building. The guard warns Derek to stay in the hallways with white lights.

Derek heads to the building. Jeff is waiting in the lobby. They talk a bit as they wait for the elevator. They head up to the fourth floor and Jeff's office.

The interview lasts about 45 minutes. It appears to go reasonably well. Jeff indicates that they'll get back to him in about a week. Jeff indicates that Phyllis, his secretary, will escort him out.

Phyllis is on the phone. Derek asks about a bathroom. Phyllis points him to a bathroom and asks him to return when he is done. Derek heads to the stairway.

Derek plugs in his radio and gets in touch with Slammo. He heads down to the third floor. The lights here are blue. The reception desk is empty. Slammo directs Derek to the first door on the left. The room is full of cubicles. There are two people in the back. Derek slips into an empty cubicle. Without any problems he logs in, runs the virus, and starts the software. He logs out. As he leaves the room someone else enters. The someone else nods at Derek and heads in.

Derek heads back up. Slammo tries to contact him, but breaks up from the jamming. When Derek re-arrives at the fourth floor Phyllis looks panicked. Phyllis asks where he went, Derek points.

Phyllis leads Derek to the first floor. Two security guards are waiting for him. The guards ask where Derek went. Derek says he must have been confused. The guards ask if they have his phone number, then they escort him outside.

Derek gets in a cab. We tail him and check for other tails. We don't see any physical tails, but Jane notices a watcher spirit. We warn Derek and he heads to a museum. Jane checks on Derek occasionally. After a few hours, while Derek is getting dinner, the spirit is gone.

Derek hops another cab and we tail him. This time we don't find any tails astrally or physically.

During this time Derek tries to call Slammo, but only get Slammo's voice mail.

Just in case Derek stays at a Holiday Inn for the night.

September 27th, 2061, Wednesday

Derek gets in touch with Slammo. This time it's a real video feed. Slammo's a kid with long hair and acne. Apparently last night security caught him and gave him some bad feedback. Slammo feels bad about it.

Derek calls up Cairo. Cairo is available, but he's enjoying the rewards of helping some shamans and isn't immediately available. Derek suggests that we'll reimburse him. The tenative plan is for Cairo to pick us up on the Salesh Shee side of the border. He'll call when he is en route.

Karma: 5, 'cuz Michael sez. Survival, Planning, Finished Run.

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