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Session Notes - 2004-05-11

Shadowrun 58

May 11, 2004

September 28th, 2061, Thursday

Our Johnson calls. He asks about the first part of the run. He seems happy that it's done already. He suggests that the opening day ceremonies for opening the Portland Free Trade Zone would be a good time to execute the second part of the run. The opening is October 15th.

The advantage of the drone is that people can shoot at it with normal weapons and the drone will go BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG. -- Michael.

We hash out a plan. We'll steal four bikes from the college campus. We'll take the bikes and Bert's steel lynx. We're heading somewhere around Kitimat and Dawson Creek.

Cairo is en route. We'll meet him on the Salesh Shee side of the Seattle border, then head out. The ride out and back is covered with beer. Participating in a shooting run will cost more.

We ask Bianca's fixer and Wrench, my fixer, about a place to stay and a local fixer. Both recommend Orville Macher, north of Kitimat, south of Dawson Creek. He's got a place to stay, a street doctor on staff, and criminal hookups.

Derek calls up Orville. He suggests it will run about 75-100¥ per night per person. Very reasonable. "Tension" would cost more.

We revise the plan. We'll steal and take three bikes. We'll steal a van in Tsimshan. I grab some mirrored shade film to cover the windows when we steal it.

Bert talks to Cairo. He'll arrive around 17:00 tomorrow. Bert's friend Cairo is planning on stopping at a McGuilicutty's, a rigger hangout. Bert can do the lynx mods there.

Bert talks to Orville to arrange getting some weapons to mount on his steel lynx. He asks about a pair of light machine guns. Orville says he can have them Wednesday.

We boost three bikes from college bars that night without any problems.

September 29th, 2061, Friday

We sneak across the border and hook up with Cairo without incident. We head north, mostly by night. We spend one night holed up when Cairo spots some jets he doesn't want to tangle with.

October 3rd, 2061, Monday

That evening we arrive at Cairo's friend's barn. The owner is Mad McGuilicutty, a 40ish year old dwarf who ran the Rockey Express during the 2050s.

Over the last few days there were some news events. There was a Humanis Policlub demonstration that turned into a riot that ended with a strange magical surge. The wife of the Wuxing CEO gave birth to quintuplets.

That night Derek and Bert boost a white box conversion van. They hide it in a boring parking lot far away. They return. We crash at the barn after a night of drinking McGuilicutty's hooch.

October 4th, 2061, Tuesday

Bert, with the help of McGuilicutty, installs some firmpoints on his lynx.

October 5th, 2061, Wednesday

Bert and Derek pick up the van. They head to Oliver's to pick up the light machine guns. A Nipponese woman attends reception. Apparently Mr. Macher is waiting for them. They're sent to a second floor room. They pass rooms with moaning and whip sounds behind them. Mr. Macher is an Amerind. The guns are delivered to the van, Bert pays for them. They rejoin us at the barn. Bert and Derek spend the day installing the guns. That evening we head to Oliver's and check in.

October 6th, 2061, Thursday

Jane and Bianca cast the ritual. Around 11:00 am they finish.


Shadowrun 59

We head north along highway 134 north, lead by Jane's magic. We turn off onto a dirt road. An old Canadian sign says, "Crystal Springs: 3 miles, Crystal Coast: 4 miles." We're about 3.5 miles away.

Crystal Springs appears to be old abandoned tract housing. Jane notes that the magical background count is high. The center appears to have once been a tourist attraction hyping the Springs. In the center of town is a dried up fountain with a collapsed. Jane triangules Gabel to an old hotel, somewhere on the second or third floors.

We quickly prepare to head in and determine that the drone may collapse any stairs it tries to climb. As we prepare, three men burst out and open fire on us with submachine guns.

I dive off my bike and behind the van. Bianca races around to the back.

Jane summons a spirit in the form of a bum. The bum attacks the guards and drops one of them. I toss a grenade at them and dive behind the fountain. One guard flees inside, the other is blown back inside. I head around back and help Bianca finish off the guard there. The guard in the back has a red cybereye.

Derek head in the front. He peeks in and a guard inside opens fire. He falls back behind the door.

Bianca and I split up. I run into two guards heading toward the rear and fire a grenade into them. They return fire through the smoke. Bianca reaches a set of stairs and another pair of guards. She blows one of their heads off.

Bert sends his Steel Lynx and opens fire. The front desk and the guy hiding behind it are shredded.

I face the two guards, injuring one seriously and killing the other.

I didn't expect the meat to go so quickly. -- Brian, discussing the meat and cheese platter, not the carnage in the game.

As I ready to finish off the guard, I hear a noise behind me. It's the guard I killed outside, walking around with half his skull blown off. Drek. I warn the group that we're facing zombies.

Jane summons another spirit (she sensed the prior one being dispelled).

I race toward the front of the building and the drone. En route I drop a grenade on the injured guard.

Bert starts manuevering his drone up the stairs. I duck into a room across from the stairs and am almost overwhelmed by the stench of rotting flesh. There are three bodies in the bathtub; I toss a grenade in to ensure that they don't get back up.

Guards upstairs open fire on the lynx. The bullets bounce off harmlessly. One of the guards points at the lynx meaningfully. There is a sudden CHANK, and the drone's shell cracks. Bert returns fire, dropping the pointer and injuring the other.

Bianca heads outside and tries to grapple onto the roof.

I peer back into the hallway; the zombie is still coming for me. A pair of bursts drops him again.

Derek catches up and drops one of the guards up the stairs with a tazer.

Jane goes astral. She sees two dual natured people sneakily approaching the van. Jane and her spirit attack.

Three fresh guards arrive. I fire a pair of grenades at them.

Bert rolls up the stairs, crushing the tazered guy.

As Bianca climbs up, someone inside smashes a window and grabs her. She kicks the arm and pulls away.

I finish off the now injured guards down the hall with a few bursts of gunfire.

Derek hears Gabel calling for help. A door bursts open. Jane astrally stumbles across an empty, hidden room, then finds Gabel. Gabel is strapped to a bed. Two more dual natured beings are there. Jane tangles with the beings. Jane tries to cast a spell on one of them, but the being smacks the spell aside.

The drone moves toward the sound of Gabel. When Bert tries to fire on a guy in the doorway, the guy blurs and disappears back into the room.

Bianca tangles with some guys on the third floor, then climbs back down to the second floor.

Shadowrun 60

I head up with Derek and the drone. Derek and I follow the drone in. He crushes one of the guards under-wheel. The fast fellow leaps onto the drone. Bert shakes the guy off. The guy twists the end off of one of the light machine guns.

Bianca rappels into the room with Gabel. Derek, Bert's drone, and I finish off the turbo-guy. Jane's spirit kills a guard inside.

A body falls by the window. Odd.

Bianca cuts the leather cords holding Gabel down.

Jane astrally sweeps the building. It looks like we're alone.

Gabel is dehydrated and has a dressed bite wound on his shoulder. Jane works on healing the injured, starting with Gabel. Derek examines the bodies. They all have a red cybereyes, most appear to have no enhancement. Derek gathers up weapons and ammo.

Jane's spirit scouts. It returns to report only two ghouls, which is slew. Jane summons a watcher to remain here and report if anyone shows up.

We get the drone back into the van, crudely patch the doors back up, and head off. We drive around for a while. It doesn't look like we're being tailed. We head back to the estate.

Karma: 1 survival, 1 successful mission, 1 not cutting people open to take their cybereyes.. Jane: 1 astral combat. Bianca: 1 climbing. Bert: 1 Lynx up stairs. Ref: 1 Facing a zombie. Derek: 1 Cool and Funny.

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