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Session Notes - 2004-06-06

Shadowrun 61

June 6, 2004

October 7th, 2061, Friday

Bert heads off to the converted barn/hanger; the local riggers will help Bert repair his steel lynx. The repairs go well.

Meanwhile, Gabel awakens. The last clear memory he has is of being captured. He faintly remembers looking out a window and seeing the Aztechnology pyramid in Seattle, then being moved elsewhere. He remembers hearing a messy sounding meal in another room.

Bert offers Kevin, the old rigger, our stolen vehicles. He's not keen on the van, but he'd appreciate the bikes. Bert ditches the van about a half hour away.

Fuck. Can't feel my dick. Must write some more. -- Michael, on heavy laptops.

The afternoon we head back to Seattle with Cairo and Gabel. We brief Gabel on the situation as we know it. He then jacks in and finds out what he can. He still owns the Buffalo Jump. He's surprised that the Lantern that was sold by his corporation. Kit Hofsteader is, right now, enjoying a latte in Bellingham in Salish Tshee. We're now en route. Kit has some enemies among the yakuza; they would be interested in Kit's ass.

As far as Gabel knows, Mitsuhama was supporting the group to fomet rebellion so that Mitsuhama could do work to improve their image. He apparently got more involved than he wanted. Gabel arranges to have Kit acquired.

We fly on through the night.

October 8th, 2061, Saturday

Around 5 am we arrive. There is a town car waiting for us. The driver takes us to a shady neighborhood in Bellingham. We park in the bottom of a parking ramp and meet a white conversion van. Inside, tied to a chair, is Kit. The van will follow the car. I hang out in the van with the other team.

Jane astrally sizes up Kit. Something seems odd about his aura. It looks like something is moving inside his aura. There is a black column of stuff with black tendrils inside.

Derek monitors the communications of the team Gabel hired. There appear to 12.

We arrive at a hideout. We get some pizza. When we're ready, one of the other team members wakes Kit with a shot of something.

We talk to Kit, or at least the spirit inside him. It eventually admits to being a spirit. We learn that the Seekers are waiting for something. They are engaging in preparations to speed the coming of the something. The preparations are going on throughout the world, whereever the preparations are complete things will change more quickly. Thanks to the prepartions things are immenant. The tongues and the apparently random violence were pat of the preparations, part of getting coverage.

When probed about the rift it clams up (Did the spirit and its kin come through the rift? Is the preparation for something to come through the rift?). We cannot understand what is coming. The spirit isn't worried, it partially thinks it can escape, and partially is prepared to be destroyed.

The spirit in Susan was immature which is why is was confused. Kit committed ritual suicide and was possessed in May, he was already involved with the Seekers.

Jane attempts to attack the spirit so we can talk to Kit. Kit slumps over, then Jane slumps over. The second team's mage says that Kit is dead, no aura. The second team's mage attempts to look astrally, but the background count is staggeringly high.

The second team treats Jane, she comes too. Their mage checks her astrally, she seems okay.

Searching the body there is some ID, some Mitsuhama scrip, and an ebony credstick. Gabel may be able to tap the credstick.

Karma: 1 to Katie for fighting the spirit, 1 to team for settling score with Kit.

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