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Rulings and background material

Character backgrounds

Your character has come to Belloc's Folly, on the edge of the Great Empire, seeking something. Your character might be seeking gold, glory, adventure, or lost knowledge. Whatever they seek, they have decided that exploring the wilderness beyond Belloc's Folly is their best way of accomplishing their goal. There are strange ruins, odd monuments, and tales of great treasures found in that wilderness.

The Great Empire encompasses a wide variety of human cultures as well as elves, dwarves, and halflings. Most of the locals come from a Germanic inspired culture, but are themselves far from their historic family lands. Your character can have come from almost anywhere. They probably do not come from Belloc's Folly itself.


The Great Empire is about 50 years old. The Emperor is the son of the original emperor who united all of the civilized lands. (If they didn't united or conquer it, it clearly wasn't civilized.)

Belloc's Folly is a new city, about 30 years old, built on the ruins of previous cities of uncertain origin. A minor knight was granted the essentially wild land and told to claim it for the empire. He brought a large retinue and many serfs. The discovery of silver in the area drew even more. Groups paid to try (unsuccessfully) to pacify the wilderness brought back


God of unintended circumstances



Chalk, fistful1 SP
Light sourceLight radiusDuration
Torch20'1 hour
Lantern25'4 hours/pint oil
Light spell20'M: 1hours+10 min/level
C: 2 hours
Continual light spell20'Permanent


HorseCarrying capacityPrice
Riding dog300 lbs100 GPOnly halflings can ride one.
Mule400 lbs
Draft horse500 lbs
Light riding horse400 lbs
Medium warhorse500 lbs
Heavy warhorse600 lbs

Wizards (and Elves)

A Wizard's spell book can potentially hold all of their spells.

A first level Wizard or Elf gets the following spells:


Elves roll 1d6+1 at when they begin (and are F1/M1). Thereafter they roll hitpoints as usual. This can mean that they will roll fewer hit dice at a level than previously; this is okay, take the larger number as usual.


Charm Person
Victims are passive. They will do the minimum to sustain themselves, but nothing else unless given explicit orders by the caster. Victims are allowed a save every 24 hours.