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Well, I'll be. Apparently other people find this interesting as well. Some people linking to me. Mostly it's just a place to shamelessly wallow in my overinflated ego.

I was interviewed for CSO Magazine's Febuary 2004 issue. It's just a light humor story for their back page, but still entertaining.

UniqueID was referenced in Bruce Schneier's Crypto-Gram for November 15, 2003.

UniqueID was used in an example on Politech on December 8, 2003.

A computer science 241 class at the University of Wisconsin Parkside were assigned to implement a Wisconsin driver's license encoder based on my writeup

UniqueID is an offshoot from "wilic" (Wisconsin License) and "wilicr" (Wisconsin License Reverser), two programs I wrote in college. The book For All Practical Purposes (Fifth Edition) references wilic and wilicr and links to an old site of mine. It's in Chapter 9: "Identification Numbers" on page 352

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