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A Word of Warning About Fake IDs

On this site, I provide details on how various numbers are constructed. This includes the numbers on state driver's licenses and state identification cards.

I do this because I find these numbers fascinating. Many of these numbers are very important, they control one's ability to work (social security number), drive (driver's license), purchase alcohol (state identication), purchase on credit (credit cards), and other things. Given their importance, it seems reasonable to try and understand how they work.

Since I find it interesting, I expect other people will as well, so I've chosen to share what I discover here. Based on what email I've gotten, other people find it interesting as well.

That said, you could use this information to create fake identification. That is fraud. It could get you thrown in jail. That would suck. I suggest you don't do it.

You probably should read my disclaimer as well. In summary: This is a hobby. The information I provide may be wrong. My wrong information may get you busted. Relying on this information to commit a crime is dumb.

(Not that this little statement will really help. This information is widely available. And who can blame you for trying? President George Bush's daughters are engaging in fake id fraud. Florida Governor Jeb Bush's daughter is engaging in fraud. People willing to make fake ids already have the knowledge and lots of under age kids have the will. Just remember that you're not likely to get off as easily as the Bush kids.)

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