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Return a list of your IMDB votes

Some friends and I got to talking about all of the movies we've seen. After a while we began comparing sheer quantity of movies seen. Since I'd been rating movies I've seen on the Internet Movie Database, it wasn't hard to generate such a list. However, my friends wanted copies of my list to start theirs. I was also interested in keeping a local copy of my list. Thus, mymovies was born. In it's default mode, it will use your Netscape cookie file to download your movie list and output it in plain text.



Automatically download RPM updates

I got sick of checking for updated RPMs for my RedHat based system. Feed this handy script a list of mirror sites and it will download the necessary RPMS.



Generate reports based on mbox files

Written for very important reasons that I immediately forgot upon completion. I suspect it was one of those "because it's there" kinda things. mailtools generates reports based on mbox files. mailthread generates a threaded report of the subject lines, muasurvey reports on the Mail User Agents used.

Source (tarball)


Convert Internet Explorer Favorites to Netscape Bookmarks

I had been using Internet Explorer. I don't really like it, but devloping software under Visual Studio really requires an up to date IE to use the help. And since I always had an up to date IE, it was tempting to use IE.

I recently got fed up with my system hanging or crashing when IE went on the fritz, and switched back to Netscape. But I was left with the mess of bookmarks (Favorites on IE). Alot of bookmarks. And I wanted them in Netscape. So, I whipped together this little perl program, which reads the IE mess and spews out a netscape style file to insert.

This code probably makes mistakes, and isn't solid by any definition. But it works.

The source code


Syncronize my local netscape bookmarks and my remote links page

My links page represents an up to date list of the links on my "work" machine at any given moment. These scripts facilitate this little mess:


Convert Quoter files to Visual C++ Tip of the Day Files

I've got a bunch of quotes sitting around. I use Visual C++. VC can start each session with a completely worthless "Tip of the Day".

This program converts my quote file into a Tip of the Day format so that VC can greet me with something more fun than mindless prattle about custom AppWizards.

the source


Summarize contents of incoming mailboxes

This simple script summarizes your unread mail from multiple mailboxes. The mailbox and directory to be scanned are near the top of the program. It assumes that your incoming mailboxes all start with "IN", to change it, look at the regex near the center of the program.

the source

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