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Alan's Pontifex II Page

This page provides some unoffical support for Chronic Logic's brilliant game of bridge building, Pontifex II. If you haven't played it, I highly recommend it. It's available for Windows, Linux, and soon MacOS. Check it out now!

Pontifex II for Linux won't start

If it won't start at all, ensure that your desktop bit depth is set to 24 or 32 bit color. At the moment (March, 2003), Pontifex II for Linux will not run at 8 or 16 bit color depths.

Sound and libopenal.so.0 Problems under Linux

If you're using Pontifex II under Linux, you might have problems with sound or loading the openal.so.0 file. This might help. First, verify that you actually need it. Later releases (and patches) to Pontifex II may not need this. However, if you're getting the error message "./pfx2-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libopenal.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory", this might help. Just run the following two commands in the same directory Pontifex II for Linux is installed. Be sure that you have write permission to the directory.

wget http://www.highprogrammer.com/alan/pfx2/pfx2-linux-openal-fixer.sh
sh pfx2-linux-openal-fixer.sh

I can't warrantee this script, nor officially provide support, but if you have problems with it, email me and I'll see what I can do.

Note that when I tested this, it allowed the game to run and even provided some sound. But the sound support was not perfect. Of course, I love the game enough to play without sound, so it's good enough for me.


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