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Ad Verbum

Rating: 7/10. An amusing collection of wordplay puzzles.
Author: Nick Montfort
Released: 2000 (Part of 2000 Interactive Fiction Competition)
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For fans of Nord and Bert's wordplay based puzzles, there is a worthy successor: Nick Montfort's Ad Verbum.

Like Nord and Bert, there is a nominal story that you can completely ignore. You need to collect the loose items in a house and toss them into a dumpster. However, various rooms are constrained by various wordplay related rules.

The highlight of the game are several rooms in which you need to give commands entirely consisting of words starting with a given letter. All game responses in those rooms follow the same rule; an impressive feat.

Like Nord and Bert, this is really for fans of wordplay and perhaps people interested in more unusual interactive fiction games.

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