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Enter the Darkness

Rating: 1/10. Unplayably buggy.
Author: Peter R. Shushmaruk
Released: 2006 (Part of 2006 Interactive Fiction Competition)
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You're poking around in a haunted graveyard. Regrettably, Enter the Dark is unplayably buggy. After failing to make progress for some time, I started over using the walkthrough, only to find that the walkthrough didn't work. It's also plagued with little bugs and mistakes. Exits usually aren't mentioned, meaning you have to guess where you can go. There is fair amount of "guess the verb." Significant nouns in room descriptions aren't recognized by the parsed. Key nouns in the game, like the crow, the coffin, or the ghost, cannot be examined. The game occasionally have null responses to commands. The game tells me what I think about things. Things happen with no causality (a crossbow appears out of nowhere once a coffin is opened). I cannot recommend this game to anyone.

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