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Rating: 4/10. Too simplistic. Only for die-hard Infocom fans and historians historians
Spoiler filled maps of Moonmist

An old friend is haunted by a ghost and asks for help. And is there a hidden treasure to find?

Designed as an introductory game, Moonmist is just too easy to be fun. There are precious few puzzles. The key item in the game can be found by a simply exhaustively searching the mansion. Identifying the culprit haunting the mansion is as easy as blundering around the secret passages until you stumble across them. Room descriptions aren't in the game proper, instead you're referred to a physical pamphlet that came with the game. Having to refer to the pamphlet breaks immersion and is just annoying. The game tries to offer replayability by providing a variety of culprits and hiding spots, but the game isn't fun enough to warrant a second play through.

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