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Rating: 5/10. Mediocre
Author: Tony Woods
Released: 2006 (Part of 2006 Interactive Fiction Competition)
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A strange electronic device is delivered to you on your way out the door. It gives you commands. I wanted to like this game; it started with an interesting mystery (What is this electronic device? Who sent it to me and why?) and moved to evil corporate conspiracy. But I found the key plot point, that I would kill someone because they insulted me behind my back, implausible. The game had a bit of "guess the word." Lots of obvious nouns in room descriptions lacked details. Rooms usually didn't mention exits, meaning you had to guess where exits were. Some sloppy use of synonyms meant responses seemed to address the wrong noun. Some bugs can make the game unwinnable, and can screw up the display. All in all, I wouldn't bother.

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