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Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels

Rating: 4/10. Random and pointless. Only for die-hard Infocom fans and historians
Spoiler filled maps of Sherlock

The British Crown Jewels have be stolen. Professor Moriarty is probably the culprit. Time to wander the streets of London breaking into museums and banks for no apparent reason.

The game has an interesting conceit: You play Doctor Watson, Sherlock Holmes' partner. Sherlock is afraid Moriarty is expecting him, so Sherlock has you lead the investigation. The map of London is large and entertaining to explore. Unfortunately your tasks have no clear connection to the case. Instead of investigating the crime scene, you wander London and break into random locations to take gems (not the crown jewels). The gems are etched with a riddle that leads to Moriarty. The puzzles often feel random and irrelevant.

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