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Rating: 6/10. A mid-grade Infocom game.

You're a simple postman tasked to deliver a package to a mysterious old woman. You're drawn into a twisted version of your home town and tasked to find the old woman's lost cat.

Designed as an introductory game, Wishbringer still suffers from many of the flaws of Infocom's games. Early in the game you need to sweep the town for objects when you have no particular reason to do so. Failure to do so means you'll be unable to win. Later in the game you'll engage in any number of diversions that yield seemingly irrelevant objects that you'll need later in the game. Like most Infocom games, this one penalizes you for mistakes you cannot have foreseen, assuming that the presence of saved games is an acceptable replacement. On the up side, the game is amusing and many of the puzzles fun.

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