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Xen: The Hunt

Rating: 6/10. Mediocre
Author: Ian Shlasko
Released: 2006 (Part of 2006 Interactive Fiction Competition)
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You're a college student wrapped up in an alien conflict. The authorities are on you trail. Can you escape?

Xen: The Hunt is a sequel to a previous Xen game. To provide context the game provides a FLASHBACK, unfortunately it's quite ponderous, giving you a single paragraph worth of information spread across fifteen paragraphs. The game and flashback are full of names; many seem significant, but lack significant interactions. The game has a number of awkward non-symmetrical connection between rooms. That the connections are asymmetric is never mentioned. The map is full of unused locations.

It's not a bad game, but I couldn't bring myself to finish it. It felt to much like unrewarding work.

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