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The menu at the RAM

The menu at the RAM with geeky names like 'Goblin (tastes like Chicken)' and 'Deep Fried Troll Fingers'

The RAM Restaurant & Brewery gets extra credit for taking the time to "geekify" their menu. The person who took the time to write it up clearly knows their games. It's a nice nod to the convention. I found it funny enough that I'll forgive the incorrect spelling on kobold. If the image is hard to make out, the labels read:

Volo's Guide to the RAM

Featuring Groo the Wanderer's Grog in a Giant mug just $3.50

"Priced for visitors from near & far"

Deep Fried Troll Fingers 4.99, Rare Kraken Calamari 8.99, Gandolf's Tower of Magic Rings 4.99

Sword in the Stone Burger 9.99, Dragon Scale Sandwich 8.99, Minotaur Meatload Sandwich 9.99, Bugbear Blackjack Burger 8.99

Goblin Kin Wraps 7.99: Orc (tastes like Pork), Goblin (tastes like Chicken), Kobolt (tastes like Shrimp)

Merlin's Mystic Mountain Mist Pie 5.99, Deadly Black Pudding 3.99