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Session Notes for 2005-05-26

Apparently everyone else also regained their memory.

Sen reveals that he knew Glitterstore about twenty years ago. Glitterstore was a city guard then.

(OOC: Jack is a doppleganger.)

I want to get my stuff back. Mad dog offers to lead me back to my inn secretly. Anna wants to head home briefly as well. Sen is apparently going to get a statue? Why would he want a statue? Perhaps it's something of value to him. Jack isn't specific as to where he is going. We're going to regroup by the drainage grate under the bridge that we entered.

Anna, Mad dog, his dog, and I head back out the grate. Anna removes the wedge she left in the lock. I lift Anna up and she wanders off. Mad dog, his dog and I swim across the canal. There is another grate; this one damaged and bent. We squeeze through. I lead while Mad dog directs us through the drainage system.

After a bit, Mad dog warns me to stop. He points out something gelatinous coming toward us. We turn around and head back quickly to avoid tangling with the thing. We come to a sewer grate. I pull it out and we hop down into the sewage. I close the grate behind me.

The sewer reeks. Oh well; I've done worse.

(OOC: Meanwhile, Jack shifts his form to look like a workman and heads out another exit. Sen follows, but is confused by the change and assumes he followed the wrong person. The two climb a ladder up, passing some guards. They ignore the non-descript Jack. One of the guards is a bit surprised to see Sen wander by. The pointedly ignore Sen.)

(OOC: To the south of the fountain there is a bit of commotion. There are lights, a crowd, and guards questioning people. Sen asks about it and learns that there is a maniac loose. He murdered several people.)

(OOC: Jack masks himself as a fat, prosperous upper class fellow. He heads into the Flaming Bell. It is clear that many of the patrons know each other.)

Why are you worried about leeches? They can't get through your DR. -- Chuck, to Alan (Dueg)

Mad dog and I head through the sewers. We come to a large chamber. Most of the room is a about seven feet above us; we're in a lower area in a corner. We climb a ladder to the main area. It's dry with a shallow canal of drainage passing by. Mad dog and I splash in to clean up a bit. I climb up a ladder to a manhole cover. Pushing it aside, I'm near the museum. Mad dog and his dog wait behind while I head off to get my gear.

I make it to the inn without incident. It's the Last Stop Bar and Boarding House. A wooden sign of a boot with ale spilling out the top hangs over the door. I head in. The big menacing bartender notes me passing by. There are several patrons. Two barflies sit at the bar. In the back an old, weak human man weeps like a woman into his beer. An old warrior missing his arm squints at me. He remembers me from last night. I guess I faintly remember him. He tries to strike up a conversation with me; "one warrior to anther."

"That's probably why we saw animal headed people too." -- Eva "Oh, I thought that was the heroin too." -- Karyn

My room appears to be untouched. I grab my sword, my gems, and some gold. The girl wakes as I'm rummaging around. I threaten her and she shrinks back. Blast, she's lost any interest. I smack her in irritation. I head back out.

'What advice do you have for the people I'm hanging out with this evening?' 'Flee. Quickly.' -- Alan, suggesting possible advice that the magical statue might give.

(OOC: Sen heads to the guard station. The captain catches him heads in and chews him out; the captain sent Sen home. Sen says he's just getting his clothes. The captain tells Sen to hurry up. Sen changes into street clothes then recovers the salt statue. Sen rubs the statue seeking advice on Albunea. The statue speaks to her, "With all your powers and all your items of magic challenging Albunea is very risky. Even with all your powers you may find it difficult to beat her. Just give her the stone.")

I rejoin Mad dog. We head back through the drainage. Mad dog asks if I could take the gelatinous thing. probably; the tight tunnels will make it hard.

It's good when strippers don't randomly off people. -- Chuck

(OOC: Jack pokes around the tavern, eventually locating Glitterstore. Glitterstore is a fat man in fancy clothing. Jack changes his form to match the stripper was was dancing on the stage. Jack approaches Glitterstore and hits on him. At Glitterstore's request, stripper-Jack sits in Glitterstore's lap. )

Mad dog and I pass through the drainage tunnels. We encounter the gelatinous thing again. It rushes toward us; we press against the walls and it misses us. It stops; I advance and dispatch it with two mighty swings of my blade. It pops, leaking acrid smelling liquid. It's good to have my sword back.

Okay, sittin' on his lap. Looking for the shiny, looking for the shiny. Oh. That's not the shiny. -- Chuck

(OOC: Jack eyes up Glitterstore. Jack notices something powerful and magical wrapped up under Glitterstore's left sleeve. Glitterstore offers to tell stripper-Jack a story. Stripper-Jack excuses himself for a bit. Jack gets the impression that Glitterstore is planning on sitting at the bar for a while.)

"I want to figure out what I got on my hand." -- Chuck "You got creepy old guy smell." -- Eva

(OOC: While feeling the old guy up, Jack runs his hand's over the man's chest. Doing so, he encounters something sticky.)

"Who here has a normal life?" -- Eva, after Eric suggests that some characters have normal lives. "Ooh, ooh, me. I've got lots of them." -- Chuck.