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The Circle Quest

Eric Schnarr is running The Circle Quest, a D&D game set in his world of Roneleven.

Eric's page for this campaign is here.


  • "The local fuzz" - Sen (played by Karyn), a light skinned human male with a dark blue uniform. He awoke carrying a billy club and wears leather armor.
  • "An urban druid" - Mad Dog (played by Dan), a dark skinned human male. He awoke wearing battered leather armor. He can cast healing magic and carries a dagger.
  • "A human thief, not a fighter" - Anna (played by Eva), an olive skinned, small human female.
  • "A total mystery" - Ernie (played by Chuck), a nondescript human male, also wearing leather. He awoke with a short sword.
  • "A half-orc barbarian" - Dueg (played by Alan), a grey half-orc male warrior wearing a chain shirt and carrying a hand axe. He awoke so drunk that he's unable to even speak.