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Session Notes for 2005-06-10

(OOC: Jack, looking like a stripper, scouts out some more of the tavern. An accountant fellow asks Jack to entertain Glitterstore. Checking the rest of the inn, he senses no magic other than something concealed on Glitterstore's arm. As he's about to slip out, one of Glitterstore's men asks Jack to come back to Glitterstore.)

There's nothing like d4+1 squids from nowhere. -- Chuck

We formulate a plan. Mad dog will summon a giant crocodile to distract the guards and we'll run past to the Flaming Bell. We do exactly this, and it seems to work. People nearby panic and run away. The guards blow whistles and move toward it. We run by and behind the [[Flaming Bell]. Mad dog magically carves handholds into the wall. We climb up to the balcony.

Coup de grace! Coup de grace! - Chuck, on dealing with the sleeping man.

The balcony is separated by bars into several sections. Each section has a window or two and a door in. Anna listens at the door and hears someone sleeping. She unlocks the door. Inside is a small bed; someone is snoring in the bed. We creep past.

'Cuz then he will take you up to his room, and I will gut him like a fish. - Alan

(OOC: Jack sits on Glitterstore's lap. Glitterstore wants Jack to reach into his breast pocket. Jack does, something inside sends a burning sensation up his arm. The effect paralyzes Jack.)

Ooooh, I'm going to be a slave girl. -- Chuck

We arrive on the landing. Glitterstore is below in the main bar, a pretty woman in is lap. Glitterstore stands up and has one of his bodyguards carry the unmoving dancer. It looks like they're heading upstairs. We hide back in the bedroom we came back from. As we wait, a wave of pain and sickness washes over us. We feel pulled to the north. Uh, oh.

After a bit, Glitterstore fails to show up. Anna heads out to see where he went. As Sen, Mad dog, and I wait, the guy in the bed wakes. "Who's that?" I spin around and split him in two with my sword. Hope no one heard.

"I'll be right back, I just have to pee- erm, I'll go later." - Alan pantomiming someone opening their room door to see a dire tiger.

Anna finds the guards waiting in a side passage on the second floor. They came up a back staircase. She returns to fetch us. The plan is that Sen, Mad dog and myself will attack from one side. Anna will use the second stairwell to distract them. We'll try to kill them before they can raise the alarm. Mad dog turns into a giant lion.

I hear Anna sneeze. That must be the signal. I charge around the corner, summoning my rage. Mad dog charges as well. I race up to the nearest guard and gut him. The other shouts for help from "Shiv." Sen and the second guard exchange blows. Mad dog pounces on the second guard, leaving him bleeding on the ground.

The door opens to reveal a woman wearing full plate armor under a cloak. Her armor entirely encases her; no skin is visible. She drops the cloak to the ground and backs into the room. (OOC: Jack sees a thin man who has been in the room shimmer and turn into the woman.) I charge the woman and attack; a solid blow glances off her armor. Glitterstore is standing pants-less by a bed, holding a dagger. There is a naked woman lying on the bed. Sen runs in and attacks Glitterstore. Mad dog as a lion magically makes me stronger. Yes! Glitterstore stabs Sen with a poisoned dagger.

Rapier shoot out of her arms like hands. She strikes me repeatedly. The blows are pretty deep and powerful, knocking me down. Standing back it, it strikes me again. Ow! I'm seriously injured. The Mad dog lion heals me while the rest of the group concentrates on Glitterstore. The armored woman strikes the Mad dog lion, then springs back with unnatural speed. I charge it and dent the armor again. This doesn't seem human; it's like a golem or something.

The naked woman sits up and points at Glitterstore. A blue ray shoots from the woman's finger and strikes Glitterstore and he collapsed.

The lion leaps onto the armored thing. The thing collapses, unmoving. The floor under the armor is wet, like something leaked out.

Strapped to Glitterstore's arm is a silver bracelet with a milky white stone. The stone is large goes all the way through the bracelet. There are a number of spaces around the larger stone for other gems; two spots hold pearls.

The woman turns into Glitterstore. Strange. Is this Jack?

I need to enter a halfway house. - Karyn

Mad dog turns human, then into an eagle. The new Glitterstore gives the bracelet to the eagle. (While all this happens, I loot the place.) The eagle flies out the window. The eagle flies over the pool. Near the middle there are bubbles and swirling. The eagle drops the bracelet into the pool and flies up. A moment later there is a glow in the water. It becomes brighter and brighter. Then there is a flash of light. The illness we were feeling passes. (OOC: I start breathing again.) We're freed. I can ditch these dead-weights and move on.