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Session Notes for 2004-10-14

Module 2: Shadows of the Last War

Several days pass uneventfully. We split up our battle won goods. Saber's long sword proves to have a minor magic upon it, the party allows me to have it. That which we don't want we sell.

Each day we get together for lunch, then head over to the House Sivas message center to check for messages. Lady Elaydren D'Cannith said she would leave messages for us there if she had work opportunities.

The rain continues the entire time.

March 21th

Arriving at the message center for the day, we find the door hanging off its hinges. The rain makes it dark. We hear a groan inside. We head in.

Behind the counter is the female gnome clerk Fizz. She is unconcious. I magically heal her. Fizz awakens, panicky. After a moment she calms down. It appears that the messages are all still present. She says she was rushed by a group of kobolds. A human sized man in a cloak came in. The kobolds knock her out.

Fizz says she was about to transcribe a message for us from her speaking stone. I ask about it, she points to a gem embedded in a table. There are handprints on either side. Fizz transcribed our message, but our message was stolen. Fizz doesn't remember the message. Fizz thinks the message was from Lady Elaydren.

We help Fizz clean up a bit. In some of the spilled ink we see small clawed footprints; clearly kobolds. Eight also spots a footprint of a warforged.

As we head out we find that the rain has let up. People are milling about in the drizzle. As we take in the scene an owl swoops down and drops a scroll case at our feet. The scroll case is utilitarian and wax sealed.

It's a letter from Lady Elaydren.

Our normal means of communication seems to have been compromised. As such, I have sent this special messenger to personally find you and deliver this letter.
You served my house ably once before, and now I ask for your assistance again. Time is short, however. I feel that my enemies have discovered me and are closing in.
Meet me at Lydia's establishment, where we first met to talk of heirloom and job opportunities, at sundown this evening. Act quickly, for I believe that we are all in terrible danger.
Your Patron,
Lady E.

We head to the Broken Anvil.

The world we live in is really scary. -- Abby, looking at the Monster Manual.

Lady Elaydren D'Cannith waits for us. She is dressed plainly and not wearing her house signet ring. She says that there isn't time and hands us a satchel. She says there is money and plans inside. There is a letter in the pocket. She begs us to quickly leave the city and promised rewards if we complete the mission.

Are you using my name as a swearword? I swear to God. -- Abby, to Joe.

As she pushes us away, the door bursts open. A warforged and some kobolds burst in. "I am Cutlass! You have slain my fellow breathren in the Lord! Taste my sword!"

I blindfold myself and go into a berzerker rage so I don't have to think about killing the cute little kobolds. -- Abby.
Stop pooping out rulebooks. -- Abby, to Michael.
Stop rolling the orcs! -- Michael to Joe and Alan.

We quickly put down the kobolds, then focus on Cutlass. We relatively quickly slay him. He proves no tougher than Saber.

337, 4 kobolds, 1 warforged

We search the bodies. We find a longsword. We leave quickly.

Several towers away we stop and search the bag. Eight says that the bag is magical.

We find two letters (http://www.randomdialogue.net/gaming/eberronmodules/shipnote.jpg). One letter is passage from Sharn to Rhukaan Draal in Darguun. Orc territory. I see. The second is a letter from Elaydren to "friends," presumably us.

The letter asks us to help retrieve a second schema. There is an opposing force within her own house that seeks the schema for evil but unspecified purposes. The second schema is in a secret Cannith workshop in what was once Cire, now the Mournlands. She asks us to head to Rhukaan Draal to meet a man named Failin in the Bloody Market. Failin will provide transport to Rose Quarry. Rose Quarry's House Cannith outpost has a record of all of Cannith's hidden workshops. With that knolwedge, we're to travel into the Mournlands, find the secret workshop Whitehearth and recover the second schema. The second schema is a adamantine plate in the shape of a diamond, about the size of a human palm.

In the central pocket we find 80 arrows, 80 bolts, 50 feet of silk rope, 4 bedrolls, 4 waterskins, 12 days of trail rations, an everbright latern, flint and steel, a healer's kit, 5 torches, 3 sacks, 3 vials of holy water, 3 potions labelled "cure light wounds", a pouch holding 150 platinum pieces, a small box with the House Cannith symbol burned into the told holding 500 gold pieces, and a tiny rod of blue metal. The rod is three inches long and has a sapphire on the end. The satchel appears to be a magical sack of holding, suitable for wearing as a backpack.

We head to the docks. Several ships are docked. One appears to be preparing to leave. Linya talks to the captain. He is heading to Valenar, but is planning on stopping in Rhukaan Draal. He is happy to accept the letter and transport us. The captain is waiting for a messenger. We bunk down. Eventually the messenger shows up. The ship sets sail.

Ow, it hurts! -- Michael, after attaching a binder clip to his nose.
Why are we five all of a sudden? -- Abby.

March 23rd

The trip goes by uneventfully for several days. Eight, who doesn't need to sleep, guards the hallway. The night of the 23rd, Eight hears screams from above deck. Eight wakes me. I grab a weapon while Eight wakes the women. Heading into the hallway are two skeletons. I turn the foul perversions of unlife, destroying them. As we head up the stairs two more confront us. I charge one and bowl it over the side. For more wait above.

Why doesn't anyone tell me when Joe becomes Abby's dad? -- Michael, confusing in and out of game comments.
I shove Alan in the water. It's my attempt to experience the hugh-mahn emotion hugh-more. -- Joe

I blast several more into oblivion with the power of Councilor Elderean. The rest of the group finish off the last two.

225, 8 skeletons.

We find the sailors clinging to the rigging avoiding the skeletons. They return to the deck and thank us. The captain offers us 50 golden by way of thanks. He writes us a letter of commendation for House Lyrandar. The captain says one of the crew saw a robed figure hovering in the mists off the ship. The skeletons came over the sides and the figure flew off.