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Session Notes for 2004-10-21

March 24th

We arrive in Rhukaan Draal. It's a mismash of stone and mud buildings mixed with tents. Towering in the venter is a large red stone tower. It is the Khaar mbar'ost, the court of Lhesh Haruuc. Lhesh is the hobgoblin king of Darguun.

As we disembark we enter the throng of goblins and hobgoblins. The goblins are clearly an underclass, the hobgoblins the middle and upper classes. Filthy greenskins.

We head into the Bloody Market. It runs along the street between the docks and the tower. We witness an argument and a fight; the masses take no notice. The goods look almost universally shoddy, but they include many traditionally contraband goods. One little stall is labelled "Poizen."

Is there a sign that says, "Sweet goblin poon?" -- Joe

Lin attempts to chat up the locals. I watch the locals, it looks likes prices match the quality. One could spend perhaps nine tenths, but you get what you pay for.

Lin chats to a well dressed hobgoblin who offers to help her. He sells bags. He offers to sell her a nice bag and perhaps remember something about Failin. She spends 15 gold pieces for simply silk bag. The hobgoblins tells her about Failin. He is apparently small and odd looking with poofy hair. Failin usually hangs out at back tables in the Clenched Fist.

We head to the Clenched Fist. A simple wooden sign above the door has a large mummified hand nailed to it. Perhaps ogre?

Heading in, a human with poofy hair waits at a table in the back.

100 Finding Failin

The man has blue eyes and brownish-red hair. He is well dressed. He confirms that he is Failin. He recognizes Lady Elaydren's name, but doesn't know what we are looking for. He can, however, take us to Rose Quarry. He says it's far away, on the border of the grey mists. It will take a day, maybe two. He offers to take us for 60 gold pieces each, 40 up front. When asked for why the high price, he refuses to devulge his secrets. I press for 30 up front, 20 more on arrival. He implies that our being with the Lady is enough and accepts. As he stands I see the symbol of House Orien sewn on the inner lining of his cloak. No one seems to take note as we head out.

Failin leads us down a number of side streets. On a side street we head "Failin, you cheat us!" Two bugbears with morningstars step out of alleys. Failin says, "You guys are all over this. Excuse me for a moment," and disappears. Rat.

Wane summons entangling plants from a scroll, this delays the bugbears. I magically suggest to one that he should fear us, but he foolishly stays. We cut him down before his friend can escape the plants. The plants haul the body back into themselves. We beat down the entangled one. Failin encourages us to slay him; Failin doesn't want them to follow us.

Failin leads us to a stone outcropping, He rolls back a sleeve to reveal a dragonmark. He touches it to the stone and speaks a strange word. The stone melts into a strange covered wagon. There is no harness for animals. The frame shimmers as earth and gems slide over it. Failin introduces it as his landcart. We get in. The cart slightly sinks into the earth, then roars ahead ahead faster than a horse, ignoring rough terrain. The landcart leaves no trail.

It is noon when we leave. After several hours of travel with only brief stops to stretch, we arrive at a copse of tree. Failin stops the landcart nearby. He reverses the process and the landcart reconceals itself as a rock.

337 2 bugbears

As we bunk for the night I ask Failin about Rose Quarry. House Cannith had found a vein of red marble. The House brought in dwarves to mine it. The city was a major supplier of marble for House Cannith around the continent. It used to be part of Cyre until the disaster. It's now partially ruined.