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Session Notes for 2004-11-04

You could wear it like hair and pretend you're a beautiful lady. You could wrap yourself up in it like a wooden blanket. -- Joe, on uses for Michael's DM screen.

Eight keeps watch. Around midnight a smoking dark dog with glowing red eyes moves into the camp. Eight cries out. We wake and rally. The hound attacks; me when it bites it breathes fire, burning my arm. The group attacks, I fall back and support with magic before charging back in. The hound bites me again and I lose conciousness. Lin awakens me with a potion and I see the Eight grabs the hound with his sparking hand. I heal myself and Red, the beast bite and burned both of us.

Eight identifies the dog as a hellhound. Lin tests the dead flesh and finds that it is resistant to burn; she skins it.

225 1 hellhound

We rest.

March 25th

Failin sets three banners on his landcart. They apparently grant him safe passage through Darguun, a goblin encampment, and Cyre. The last is traditional.

The trip goes quickly. We break for lunch. Near the end of the day Failin stops. It's almost night and Rose Quarry . Failin wants to know if we want to approach tonight or wait until morning. Failin hasn't been there since the war ended. We decide to head in tonight.

After an hour and half we cross some hills. Atop a final hill we see a plaeau ahead. In the valley between a vast quarry spreads to our side for at least a mile. A burned out village is visible on the plateau. The shells of the buildings are covered in ice, odd given that it's reasonably warm. Four tents surround a large fire near the village. Figures move around the fire.

Failin pulls the cart back a bit, out of line of sight. He says he'll hang back here.

Red hears metal striking something hard, ice or stone perhaps, near the north end of the village. We notice a large group of horses, perhaps sixteen, a pair of wagons, and about seven humanoid shapes near the tents. The humanoid shapes appear to be wearing chain and helmets. The helmets are half-face plate. Near one of the tends are two skeletons keeping watch.

Lin scouts the town out while the rest of us watch the camp. Lin climbs up onto the plateau. A large, red marble, partially collapsed building is ahead. Futher on is a church. The large building has the crest of House Cannith on it. The clanging seems to come from ahead or inside. Creeping closer she hears voices talking. There is a low male voice and a husky female voice. Lin is only able to hear bits. The voices are looking for something. They mention workers.

Lin moves further into the village.

Looking more closely, the buildings and ground are covered with a layer of glass. The glass forms frozen waves cascading over some walls. The glass is smooth and a bit slick to walk along. In parts the glass has been broken and things underneath the glass removed. The size of the missing objects is usually around the size of a tall halfling.

Moving ahead Lin finds a pair of undead dwarves. Portions of their bodies are slightly covered in glass. They are mining another pair of dwarven figures our of the glass.

Lin moves back, passing the encampment. She sees four scythe armed human skeletons on duty. Six humans wearing tabards cook something over the fire. They wear dark green tabard with some sort of green symbol on them.

Watching the encampment I note someone holding a dagger standing a bit off engaging in some sort of prayer or chant.

Lin returns and reports on what she has seen. We discuss what to do. I guess that the dwarves are zombies, relatively easy to destroy. We consider waiting until morning. I can memorize spells to hide us from the undead and we can see if there are others involved in the camp.

Meanwhile the man doing the ritual finishes up. He speaks to the men by the fire and they all head into tents.

From the village come three figures. One of the figures is a hunched man in robes. He has deathly pale skin, long nails, beady eyes, extremely long pointy and furry ears. Some sort of intelligent undead? The next figure is a tall, muscular woman. She has dark, short hair. She wears clothing similar to the guards, but higher quality. There is a shorter man dressed similarlly to the guards. The group enter tents.

The clanging sounds end. Shambling out of the village comes four undead dwarves. They take up positions around the camp. The four skeletons move slightly further out to join the dwarves. There is a crack of thunder and it begins to rain.

Lin says that the town obscures one from the encampment well. It also blocks sound as well. The rain further muffles sound. We decide to take advance of the opportunity to poke around town. Lin leads us up the plateau's side.