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Session Notes for 2004-12-16

It is a plus one mace of butt-fucking. -- Michael, giving an example of using the Identify spell.

We sell some of our mundane gear. We identify the items. I claim a cloak of resistance. We learn a bit about Red's sword; it was created by a halfling grieving over a dead mount. It can bless Red three times per day and has potent attack magics.

After selling things we don't want, we find that we each get shares worth more than two thousand gold.

I would just dissolve it with my system of mighty organs. -- Joe, on eating the new plastic D&D figs.

I invest in some magical armor.

Kill him. -- Alan, on an NPC mage with an annoying voice.
No, I want to find out about my sword. Kill him afterwards. -- Abby.

April 8th

Over the next few days we rest, sell the goods we won in battle, and wait while Eight crafts scrolls and potions.

One afternoon we're walking as a group down a deserted alley and are attacked by a group of bugbears and gnolls. Apparently they're still angry about Failin and have come to claim their pay from us. They won't be satisfied and attack.

Red is surrounded but quickly slays one of her foes. A bugbear rushes me and knocks me down with a pair of mighty blows. Lin hands me a potion of healing and shoots down my attacker. Rejuvenated I charge a gnoll and slay it. As we slay our attackers they grab for something at their chest. It isn't some sort of healing, as they fall to the ground. As one gnoll charges me, it shouts, "For the claw!" Apparently not Failin's debtors.

Examining their chests there are words burned into their skin. Each creature has a single word. Rearranged they say "Hello Adventurer's, Gallow says hi." Searching their bodies we find some money, two potions of healing, and handkerchiefs with the Emerald Claw logo on them.

400 2 Bugbears, 3 Gnolls.
@XP: 273 Michael forces us to level. (6,000 TOTAL)