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Session Notes for 2004-12-30

April 15th

For safety we get a storage box with House Kundarak(sp). We store the second copy of the second schema and the schema pattern in it. I pay three months up front.

We send a messanger to Lady Elaydren asking about the meeting. The messanger returns with arrangements. We're to meet tonight at the Griffin's Nest restaurant in the Skyway just after the the watch change. Skyway is an upper class floating platform above Sharn. Towers rise from the clouds. Soarsleds fly from the top of various Sharn towers to reach Skyway.

We buy appropriate clothing and head up. Guard check us out before we're allowed onto the soarsled.

Eight. Art by Joe.

Once we arrive in Skyway we easily make our way to the Griffin's Nest thanks to ample signage. There is a line waiting outside, but upon mentioning that we are here for Lady Elaydren we're escorted in.

A large illusion above portrays an opening out to the sky with Griffin nests around. Gaps in the floor reveal Sharn below.

We're led to a deck in the back. Lady Elaydren and two other women are waiting. Lady Elaydren wears a fine robe while the other two women wear fine dresses. Near Elaydren a staff rests against the wall. One of the women wears spectacles. She eyes us up, probably some sort of detection spell.

The Lady treats us to a fine meal. It's unusually fulfilling, perhaps it's magically enhanced.

After the meal, Lady Elaydren answers some of our questions. She spoke with her elders and others in the project. The House feels that the schema are part of their heritage. They did not craft the patterns, but did use them. They now want to study them. They believe they have a peaceful use. She guesses that our attackers incorrectly believe that the schema are for something powerful.

As to our attackers, she could turn up little. Perhaps the Dark Lanterns who work for the Breland crown know something about Gallow. The Emerald Claw is from Karnath, but the Dark Lanterns are generally aware of everything. (The Emerald Claw want to take over Galifar.) The Lanterns wouldn't talk to Lady Elaydren. The Lanterns frequently post jobs with the adventurer's guild, often to explore Xen'drik. That might be a way to get on the Dark Lantern's good side.

We reveal that we have a second schema. This surprises her. We then describe the pattern. Lady Elaydren is clearly surprised. She is certain that her houses will want to see it and will want to pay us for it. She excuses herself and the three women leave.

There are torch bears? -- Joe, on lighting the way

Module 3: Whispers of the Vampire's Blade

We check the job board in the Clifftop Adventurer's Guild. An overly helpful and thickly accented fellow helps us look up listings. When we ask about potentially working for the Lanterns he suddenly becomes quiet and loses the accent. He makes coments that suggests he know about my pearl and that we bear something important. He hands us an envelope and shuffles off.

Insides are two sheets of paper. One has four platinum pieces stuck in red wax. The other has a note. It offers us more platinum for an urgent mission. We're to report to the Myriad Tower in the Upper City tomorrow at noon. We're to present this letter to the guard for access. We should arrive prepared for travel. It's signed with a V and bears a black silhouette of a lantern.

April 16th

Is there where we go for the secret agent stuff? -- Eight (Joe)

The Myriad Tower is non-descript and locked. A begger sits outside. Lin drops the note and a coin into the beggar's bowl and the gate opens. We head in. Someone is waiting and escorts us in and up. At the top we reach a greenhouse. It's hot and full of jungle planets. A pale, guant, old man waits inside. He is arranging plants. He introduces himself Viorr Maelak. He asks who we are.

We've discussed our name over the last week, we tell him that we are "Travellers in Dark Places." He asks our names. Notably, we hear Lin's full name. She's Linya Moondew. Again, the Latern suggests he knows our histories. He knows that Lin hates the Undying court and something about Red's father.

Rejected party names: The Untouchable Trio Plus One. The Shit Waders. The Pirates of Dark Waters. Fellow Travelers.

As an audition he wants us to capture a carnivorous ape loose in his jungle. If we pass, we'll be sent on the mission immediately. We can injure it, but we cannot kill it. He provides us 6 healing potions; they are ours to keep or use as we will. We agree to the test.

We quickly rough together a plan. Red spots the dire ape. Lin disappears into the foliage. The ape rushes toward us. Red quickly subdues it with some support from the rest of us.

220 1 Dire Ape

The old man applauds us quietly. He pulls some things from a satchel. He represents the Dark Lantern, a group who serves King Boranel. They need adventurers to capture a rogue agent.

A highly skilled agent, oneLucan Stellos, disappeared 2 days ago. Yesterday a high security vault in Sharn compromised, powerful sword taken. This morning Lucan seen on road 2,000 gold each for Lucan alive, 1,000 gold each for proof of Lucan's death, 500 gold each for the sword.

Based on evidence left behind, it appears Lucan has gained powers.

Lucan is a human male with long blonde hair. He left in a dark coach with a skull motif. He is a skilled warrior and spy. He is skilled in disguise. He displayed unusual abilities. He commanded a loyal guard to open the vault. He walked on the side of a tower. He shrugged off an attack that should have lopped his arm off.

They believe he is travelling with his sister, Grilsha. Grilsha is a young woman with red hair. She is in her mid to late twenties. She is a mage in the employ of a minor noble house. She displayed minor access to the third level of spells.

We are given travelling papers identifying us as working for the King of Breland. Through House Vadalis an open pass to the lightening rail is provided. A letter of credit for House Kandarak is available for emergency expenses, it is an advance but should not be used if we can avoid it.

The sword is a soul blade. They got it from a Karnathy warlord during the war. They don't know much about it. It is strongly magical and radiates evil. We should be careful and avoid touching it or holding it close.

Based on recovered notes they believe he is going to Trolanport in Zilargo. The word "Krell" was also found.

My guess is that "Krell" is a misspelling of "Krill" and that he's a were-whale. -- Joe

It is possible others are looking for him. He has interfered with many groups, some way revenge, some may want to hire him.

There is a contact in Trolanport. If we need to, go to the Breland Consulate and state that we are on a mission of dark intent.

We're given the letter of credit, it's basically a blank check. The letter of passage grants us unlimited use of the lightening rail for the next month. We're also given sketches of Lucan and the black carriage.