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Session Notes for 2005-01-13

We decide that Lucan may have become a vampire. That would explain his ability to order the guard, walk on, and to shrug off damage. If he is a vampire, he'll be able to turn unto a large wold, bat, or cloud or gas. His touch would be draining spiritually As a vampire he would be resistant to normal weapons; we'll need silver or magical weapons.

We ride east out of Sharn toward Zilargo and Trolanport.

They're not gerbils, they're gnomes. -- Michael, when asked if the gnomes of Zilargo eat food pellets.

April 18th

Several days of travel pass uneventually. We make good time on our fast horses and dinosaurs. We travel about 70 miles per day. Trolanport is about 800 miles away.

The second night we're attacked by three gnolls as we're setting up camp. We defeat them with relative ease, only Eight is damaged. He repairs himself.

300 3 gnolls

April 19th

Around midday we advance upon a dark coach. It's the one we're following. How unexpected. We slowly gain it. Eventually the driver notices us and spurs his horses on. We give chase.

Oooooh! I have two wands. I can make wand-chucks. -- Joe (Eight)

As we close it becomes clear that a woman with red hair is driving.

Red races up and leaps from her dinosaur onto the carriage. Lin and I ride up to slow the horses.

The driver pounds on the carriage to alert someone inside. She then makes an arcane gesture, A fireball explodes around Lin, minorly scorching her and her horse.

Red attacks the driver, but her blade skitters off a magic defense. The driver stands and faces Red. The driver summons a glowing disk to defend herself with.

Red's dinosaur is triumphant over the horse.
Art by Abby

Red's dinosaur leaps onto one of the horses and begins mauling it. I hack at the harness. Two of the horses begin to pull away. Red's dinosaur slays another horse. The carriage begins to slow.

The driver, seeing the situation going badly, casts a spell of invisibility and disappears.

Eight and Lin notice smoke pouring out the back of the carriage. It moves with purpose.

I grab a rein on the carriage and pull back, the horses slow.

Red hears spellcasting in front of her, followed by a breeze. Perhaps the driver disappeared.

Lin watches the mist drifting away. It floats ahead along the road, just above the treetops. It then sinks into the trees far ahead and disappears.

It appears they've gotten away.

We search the carriage. There is a release at the rear that opens it. The inside is completely dark. There is an open coffin. Lin finds a secret compartment in the coffin. It contains a potion with two plus marks and a small bag with a handful of platinum.

Lin has the remaining horses pull the carriage to the side of the road. She then pulls the carriage over and breaks the axles.

That's what you should have been, The No-Humans Club. -- Michael, alternate party names.