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Session Notes for 2005-02-10

We regroup at the Lucky Stone. We decide to attend the masquerade to seek out Lucan. We'll need masks.

I hope we get to fight a dire okapi. -- Joe
What!? It's wearing a deer costume. -- Abby, on seeing a picture of an okapi.

April 23rd

Lin tracks down masks. For 150 gold from the party funds, we purchase a set of four fine masks. They are a rabbit, a cat, a bird, and a deer. The rabbit mask is adjusted to fit Eight's unusual head.

The day passes without not.

We head to the party. Eight wears the rabbit mask. The bird mask is fairly small, so Red wears it. Lin takes the cat mask, leaving me with the deer mask. We stash some weapons in the magical backpack. Otherwise we are unarmed and unarmored.

The party is already underway as we approach the embassy. Two gnomes in plate armor stop us at the door. They welcome us to the "Night of a thousand stars." They examine our invitation and check us over.

He's wearing a codpiece, right? 'Cuz gnomes love thier codpieces. -- Joe

Red is chatted up a gnome she met last night.

Lin talks to an gnomish officer in the Zilargan army. He offers to introduce Lin to the Neya Ir'Krell. The ambassador is wearing a mask with streamers coming down that forms her top. It then spreads out to a full set of skirts. It's clearly magical in some way.

I eye up the crowd. There are only two redheaded women. One is dressed as a peacock. Another is dressed all in scarlet. As I socialize, I hear discussion about the ambassador's daring outfit. I also hear discussion about an ogre buildup to the northeast.

I mean, I don't like him, but I don't want him to not want to have sex with me as well. --Abby, worried that the gnome officer might not be interested.

Eight quietly enchants himself to detect undead. He detects one that approaches the ambassador. He's a human male in a domino mask, a black coat and breeches, and a single glove. The coat is diamond studded. The undead and Neya head to the dance floor. Eight approaches me and points the man out.

As I watch, the couple talks. Neya leans in toward the man. She suddenly jerks back and there is a flash of light and the smell of sulfur. Suddenly people are screaming and running from the firey burst. The man and Neya face off. Eight uses a wand to hit the man with a magic missile . The man takes a step back, throws out his hand, and a sword appears. The woman in the scarlet dress casts a magic missile at Eight. I magically hold the woman in scarlet.

Guards rush in, calling for people to not panic. The crowd rushes the doors. The guards are knocked down. A knot of people rushes past Red and Lin. Red dives out of the way, but Lin is battered and dragged away by the mass.

The ambassador casts some spell, but it doesn't seem to do anythng.

Eight burns the man with magical fire. Red, armed with her tanga from the backpack, cuts him. The man's wounds are healing before our eyes. I curse the man to be less effective.

Neya falls back, hitting the man with another magical missile.

The man cuts Red with his blade. In addition to making a deep cut, it drains some of the life from her, leaving her pale. The woman in scarlet casts a spell at Red, hitting her with a ray. Red trembles, suddenly overwhelmed with the weight of her sword, and collapses, too weak to stand.

The man suddenly turns into a bat and flies out of the room. The woman in scarlet casts a fireball on us. It hurts, but none of us fall. Neya casts a spell at the woman in scarlet, then retreats out of the room with her guards.

I call upon the Councilor to restore Red's strength. Reinvigorated, Red stands and approaches the woman in scarlet. The woman in scarlet attempts to cast a spell, but Red strikes, breaking her concentration. Red continues to injure the woman scarlet. Desperate, the woman casts a spell in a rush, but Red again strikes, disrupting the spell. Lin shoots the woman with a bolt, hitting her in the head and knocking her over.

I use a minor enchantment to stop the woman in scarlet from dying.

=10115 Grilsha defeated, driving off Lucan

Neya returns and speaks to us. She is a bit surprised that Lucan is now a vampire. I explain that we're after him for that reason. Neya used to be his friend, prior to his change into an undead. He was looking for help. She gave him a password for free passage on a House Lyrandar airship before she realized his new nature. There are no more airships tonight, so we should wait until tomorrow. Neya indicates that we should take Grilsha's equipment and leave. Neya leaves.

On Grilsha, we find a dagger, two wands, seven scrolls in scroll case, and a small coin purse with some gold and two pearls.

On questioning, one of the guards mentions that there is a temple of the Silver Flame nearby. They would likely be able to attend to Red's injury. The women head to the temple.

Since Red is not of the church, they are unsure if they can help Red. However, for 1,00 gold pieces and a promise of a future boon, they'll restore Red.

Eight examines what we found. The wands are of Darkness and Magic Missile (6th level, 3 bolts, 9 charges). The scrolls are of Fireball, Dimension Door, Haste, Lightening Bolt, Grease, and two scrolls of Expeditious Retreat.