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Session Notes for 2005-03-03

April 26th

Because the quality of people are going down. -- Joe, on why modern D&D maps aren't as good as the old ones.

We take the opportunity to explore the basement. Lin heads down to scout.

We come to a damp, moss filled room. There are about a dozen bugbear statues on pedestals. The statues are clustered, almost as though the statues were in conversation.

As we enter a pair of large, snakelike creates slither out of the muck and toward us. They have beaks surrounded by four tentacles. One savages Lin. I heal her. Eight sets Lin's bolts ablaze magically. Red quickly slays one of the two beasts. Lin falls back and sinks a bolt into the brain of the second.

Eight thinks the things are gricks. Searching the room, we find a small emerald.

Beyond it looks like the passage heads off and out to a marsh.

This is the period in a relationship when the girl decorates the boy like a dork so no other girl will want him. -- Joe

At the other end of the hallway is a room filled with moss covered tapestries. There is a foot of murky water on the floor. A pair of kettle drums sit to the side on a small dais. A mallet magically floats above them and begins pounding out a rhythm. From behind one of the tapestries comes a three tentacled creature: an otyugh. Red quickly finishes it off, aided by a flaming bolt from Lin's crossbow. Idno is damaged in the battle.

Checking the room we find nothing of value. The otyugh apparently survived on swamp rats.

A stone door beyond is stuck. Red easily pulls it to the side. Beyond is a larger room full of sarcophagi. The sarcophagi are decorated with carved goblin skulls. The water rises to our thighs. As Lin steps in one of the sarcophagi shudders as something breaks out. It's a dark yellow amoeba-like thing. It lashes out at Lin, striking her as she falls back. It advances on to us. Lin fires on it. Her burning bolt scorches some of it, but the force of the bolt causes the thing to split into two distinct creatures. We battle the strange creature. Each time we strike them they seem to ignore the blow and split. Only fire and bashing damage seem to have any effect. We resort to punching the things.

1150 2 gricks, 1 otyugh, 1 ochre jelly

We head back outside and rest for the day and right, tending our wounds.

April 27th

We prepare, casting a variety of defensive magics on ourselves. Lin opens the door behind which we think Lucan is and rush in. A high ceiling allows a twenty-five foot statue of a ram-headed demon. Lucan sits in a throne-like chair between the statue's legs. Six sarcophagi form pews before the altar. We close the door.

Lucan nods and charges us with amazing speed. Lucan slashes at Red with his sword, but Red twists out of the way. Lucan leaps onto a wall before we can react.

Red leaps into the air, slashing at Lucan. Lin sinks a flaming bolt into the vampire. Eight blasts him with a fireball. I call upon Elderean's blessing to help us to defeat the abomination.

Lucan successfully strikes Red, draining her. Lucan falls back behind the statue. We advance on him.

Red charges and cuts another gouge. Eight blasts Lucan with a lightening bolt. Lucan barely dodges another of Lin's bolts. I blast Lucan with searing light. Lucan turns to ash and the sword falls on top.

Lin wraps the sword in some clothes, taking care to avoid touching it. Lin faintly hears angry whispering as she does so, but it subsides when she wraps more layers.

Lin collects the ash in a sack.

In addition to the sword, we find magical leather armor, magical boots, and a magical glove. Everything else he was wearing turned to dust.

There is a drawer built into the throne. Lin determines that there is a magical trap. She attempts to disable it, but fails. There is a burst of light; Lin dives out of the way, only lightly burned.

Inside is a large emerald, a potion with a cloud label (Eight says it's a potion of levitation), a cold iron masterwork long sword, and a wand sheath with two wands in it. One wand is Color Spray with 15 charges. The other is a wand of Alarm with 50 charges.

1800 Lucan, trap