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Session Notes for 2005-03-20

Interesting. I resolve to look into this. Some quick asking around reveals that his manor is south of town.

I spend the next few days exploring the city and studying the various professions people have taken.

(OOC: Other study the man. He is an elf. He is a lord, but unusually isn't in the parliament. He heavily donates to various good temples, but declines credit for doing so.)

July 17th

I arrive around the meeting time. A dwarf in livery is waiting for me and escorts me in. He leads me through a finely appointed corridor into a lavish room. There are three others waiting. One is a tall muscular human male with black hair. There is a woman with elven blood wearing leather armor and wearing the symbol of Kelemvor. There is a tall blond elven woman wearing furs. A wolf pads in after her; it seems domesticated.

There is an interesting tapestry. The tapestry is a forest scene with a leafy palace in the background and a tree building in another location. In the corners are four figures. One is a child with tiny horns dressed in leaves. Another is a weasel faced humanoid in a heavy cloak. There is a maiden in a gown with a dagger and planet. Finally there is a tall man holding a palm frond.

A maid walks in and asks if we want refreshments.

A few minutes later a secret door in the wall opens. A tall elven man walks in. He is well dressed. Behind him is a short elven women. The woman has a quill, leather-bound book, and is wearing glasses.

The man sits down and thanks us for coming. The woman sits down at a desk and begins taking notes.

The man introduces himself as Lord Nuntio. The man says he thinks we would work well together. He needs someone to help with a problem at the end of the lands at the edge of his control. Something is coming out of the forests near some of his farms. He lacks soldiers himself to deal with the problem. He would be willing to pay us to clear out some goblins.

The elven woman asks about the man. He says he has lived here for about 40 years. He has no desire to raise or maintain an army.

We agree to help him. He heads out through the secret door.

His secretary gives us directions. There is a road out to there. Torin is in charge of the settlement. He is the blacksmith.

Obviously all red things are strawberry flavored. -- Ben

We introduce ourselves. The human is Lyle. The half-elven woman is Morningglory. The elf is Dorian.

The trip to the town goes uneventfully. We arrive about an hour before sunset. At Morningglory's suggestion we head to the blacksmithy. There is a human man working the forge. He is assisted by a young boy.

When Morningglory says we were sent by Nuntio, the blacksmith immediately knows why we were here. He says the goblins raid every few nights. They focus on sheep. They last raided last night. They come out of the forest nearby.

Morningglory asks if we can camp out in someone's hayloft for the night.

With the little bit of light we have, we check the edge of the forest. The brush is badly damaged from multiple raids. There is some blood.

We bunk down in the hayloft of the a nearby farm.

July 18th

The woman who runs the farm offers us fresh bread and coffee for breakfast.

We follow the path into the woods. It's a reasonably large trail.

Some distance in the path forks. One path is less traveled, the other is heavily traveled. We explore the less traveled path.

Heading that way, I hear something roughly moving ahead. I stop and alert the group. Others listen and apparently hear the same thing. The rest of the group disappears into the shadows; I attempt to hide as well.

Waiting a few minutes, we finally see the thing moving around. It's a black bear.

The elven woman steps out and speaks to the bear. Whatever she is trying, it doesn't work, and the bear charges her. We attack the bear to protect her. The group quickly slays the bear before I can even react. A potent group.

We follow the tracks further. They seem to match where the bear came from. The tracks peter out at a clearing with a cave. It looks like the bear lived here.

We double back and follow the second path.

As we follow the path an arrow suddenly flies out of the woods, striking me. A goblin has waylaid us. I charge him and with a blow to the head strike him down.

Lyle searches the body, finding a small long bow, small studded leather, a small short sword, and some money. Morningglory heals some of my injuries.

We head further in. Several minutes later we hear voices up ahead. It's a small group. They are maybe 60 feet ahead of us. They are moving diagonally across our path and toward us. We move to intercept them. We attempt to hide in the trees.

After a moment four goblins move into sight. We quickly slay them. Lyle is slightly injured in the fight.

Lyle again searches the bodies. He finds a morning star, three javelins, and some coins. We move on.

A few minutes later, again we hear voices. Goblin, I'd guess. There is shuffling sounds, something is being dragged. They aren't moving much. We sneak up.

There is a clearing. There are several goblins in the clearance. Two are arguing. One is dragging a sheep carcass around. I signal to attack in three, then count to three with my fingers. We attack! Lyle shoots one down with a bow. I rush out and bash one goblin's head in with my staff. Dorian slays another with her bow. Morningglory injures one with a pair of crossbow bolts. Two goblins advance on Lyle and I. We sly them. The final goblin foolishly advances. Lyle and I surround him. The goblin strikes me, leaving me too injured to act. Dorian shoots and slays the last goblin.

Morningglory heals some of my wounds, but I'm still seriously wounded.

Searching the bodies, we find three morning stars and three javelins, and some coins.

The camp looks two nights old. There aren't any significant tracks out of the area besides the one we followed in.

We retreat back to the village to rest for the night. The farmer offers us stew and bread.

The night passes uneventfully. We set watches, but nothing of note happens.

July 19th

We speak with the blacksmith. He is interested in knowing how many goblins we've slain. We estimate about 14. He says they've never raided in a group larger than 5.

We scout the trails, but don't find any new paths. We scout the forests for additional paths. We spend the next few days scouting and watching for another raid, but nothing happens.

July 21st

No new goblin activity. We head back to Adrigal. We arrive in the afternoon. We head to Lord Nuntio's manor to report on our actions.

We're escorted in. The secretary enters and asks what happened. The secretary pays us. We're paid 500 gold pieces. We're invited back the next evening for dinner with the Lord. Dinner with a Lord. Sounds interesting.

600 Mission,11 goblins, 1 bear