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Email - 2003-11-19

From Michael:

Talk to Gabel on Sunday about the little witch. He's a busy man, he has no time for you at the moment. On a related note, I realize abruptly moving you forward may have been rude, but it was also neccessary. In the future I'll give you a chance to look for work if Gabel's not going to toss you a bone for a bit. He'll be contritionate about that on Sunday and make sure he gives you a heads up in the future.

The guy in the suit:

Brian saw "something" just a moment before the explosion on the 13th floor of the SkyTower. Looking through your headware memory, you literally have only two or three frames to deal with. It looks like it could be a humanoid figure in a suit. The cameras didn't get a good look at him when he fought Ref on the roof.

The earlier fast fax article:

Fast Fax News scrap 07/20/61 (approximate date) (2003-11-19)

The murder on Friday:

The tongue staked to the wall was Erik's. Police reports indicate that he arrived at home at the usual time, and the family had dinner. They were enjoying some trid afterwards when their security system indicates a sharp drop in temperature in the family room. The family was dead within 15 minutes. There was no security footage taken, as the family did not have cameras in their home. (Scraps of notes attached to files indicate that the company who installed the system is planning on using this incident as a "what could happen to you" piece in it's next marketing video.) Mages on the scene feel that a spirit was involved somehow, but can't place the type. The strong wards that the shaman had around his home were all intact. This should be impossible if a spirit entered the house violently. The police are planning to attempt to re- summon the Shaman's Ally spirit, whose real name was registered with them as a licensing requirement. They believe the spirit to have been banished when the shaman died, but hope it can shed some light on what happened.

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