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This applet requires the Hypercosm 3D Player. <a HREF="http://www.highprogrammer.com/alan/hypercosm/downloads/"> Click here to go to the Hypercosm 3D Player download page. </a>



Connect three bubbles of the same color to destroy them. Aim your turret at the bubbles and shoot. But don't take too long, the bubbles become eventually become hyper and another row will spawn itself! The bubbles just get closer and closer to your turret until they overcome it! It's a never-ending battle.


Z and XRotate left and right quickly to aim
A and SRotate left and right slowly so you can fine tune your shot.
Enter (Return)Fire a bubble
+/=Increase detail. Looks better, but the game may run more choppily. Use repeatedly to further increase the detail.
-/_Decrease detail. May make the game run more smoothly, but doesn't look as good. Use repeatedly to further decrease the detail.

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