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Hypercosm Applets

All of these applets will require that you have the Hypercosm Player installed. You can download the free Hypercosm Player for Windows, MacOS, and Linux here.


Now that Hypercosm is back, check out their official showcase!


Educational Applets for the National Science Center

I discovered that the National Science Center still have many of the the old Hypercosm applets up! This is a real mixed bag, there is some iffy stuff in here, but there is also some great work that really explains science well.

These applets are some of the best examples of Hypercosm's ability to create useful, educational, explainations. (Hypercosm's focus on this strength lead to using "Because you have some explaining to do" as a corporate slogan for a while.)

Unfortunately not all of the applets are represented here, they have apparently been lost.

Chuck Spencer

Chuck Spencer has made some of the applets he created available online. These include learning applets on DNA replication and gaits of motion, a study in animal animation, a Mars Global Surveyor applet for the New York Times, and a few games. Check out Chuck Spencer's applets

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor has made some of the old Hypercosm applets available. This includes some never publically released games!

New York Times

Hypercosm created a number of applets for the New York Times on the Web Science section. Unfortunately only a few are still online.

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