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This applet requires the Hypercosm 3D Player. <a HREF="http://www.highprogrammer.com/alan/hypercosm/downloads/"> Click here to go to the Hypercosm 3D Player download page. </a>


The object of the game is to ram yourself into all 15 targets as quickly as possible. You're up against a timer which gets shorter with each level you win. If you don't hit all the targets in the allowed time, targets that you previously hit start reverting back to their original state (oldest first). The first few levels are dead easy but as time grows short on later levels. Moshball quickly becomes a tear-your-hair-out addicting action game.

The number directly under the crosshair is the number of targets left to ram. The number to the left is your time limit.

Move yourself my moving your mouse relative to the crosshair. Move the mouse above the crosshair to move forward, below the crosshair to move back, and left and right of the crosshair to turn.

WWireframe mode. May run more smoothly
PPoints mode. May run more smoothly, but very hard to see
SShaded mode. The default.

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