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This applet requires the Hypercosm 3D Player. <a href="http://www.highprogrammer.com/alan/hypercosm/downloads/"> Click here to go to the Hypercosm 3D Player download page. </a>


Score points by destroying marbles. Click once to select a group of two or more marbles of the same color and to see the possible score for that group. Click the group again to destroy those marbles and score their points. Click elsewhere to deselect the group. After marbles are destroyed, marbles above will fall down and empty columns will be filled. Larger groups of marbles are worth more points.

The game ends when the board is empty, or there are no groups of two or more marbles. To play again, just press the space bar after "GAME OVER" appears.

You can click anywhere while marbles are falling to have them instantly snap into place.

+/=More detail. Increases the roundess of the marbles, but may make the game more choppy. Can be used repeatedly
-/_Less detail. May make the game run more smoothly, but makes the marbles more angular.
TToggle textures on the marbles. Makes the marbles more plain looking, but may make the game run more smoothly.
ZToggle cubes. Replaces the marbles with square blocks. Patterns become easier to see and the game may run more smoothly.
WWireframe mode. The applet may run more smoothly.
PPoints mode. The applet run more smoothly, but very hard to see
SShaded mode. The default.
FFlat shading. Only works while in Shaded Mode (S). Curved objects look more angular. May allow the applet to run slightly more smoothly.
VSmooth shading. The default. Only works while in Shaded Mode (S). Curved objects look more curved.

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