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Unique ID Software

by Alan De Smet

The Unique ID software can calculate various interesting numbers and codes. Notably, for some states, it can determine your driver's license number from your personal information, to determine your personal information from your driver's license number.

This is the software I use to run my Unique ID web tools. You can give it a whirl right now.

For more information on the various algorithms supports, see the rest of Unique ID site.

As with the rest of the Unique ID site, this is the work of a hobbiest. I strive to make it work as well as possible, but I offer ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. You might want to read my full disclaimer.

This program is intended to be run as a CGI (Common Gateway Interface) running under a web server like Apache. You can find further information about CGIs. You will want to consult the documentation for your web server for details on how to install a CGI program. This program requires Perl and the Perl modules CGI.pm and Text::Soundex. If this sounds complicated, you're unlikely to be able to successfully install it. Right now I don't have the time to create an easier to use version, sorry.

The software is covered by the GPL, allowing you to make copies and redistibute it under certain restrictions. See the GPL for more details.

If you have information on other states driver's license systems or other interesting numbers, please contact me! I'm always interested in adding additional algorithms to the Unique ID software. If you're willing to share your driver's license information, I can use that to try and reverse engineer your state's system. If you find any bugs (like the number on your license doesn't match what Unique ID claims it should be), please report the bug!.

The current version includes support for:

GitHub repository

Full changelog.

Download UniqueID web tools version 0.5.1 (alpha, 37 kB, June 22, 2013) - Current version.

Download optional soundex guessing file - This is no longer included with the UniqueID packages. It hasn't changed in years, so distributing it seperately will keep the UniqueID packages small.

Download UniqueID web tools version 0.5.0 (alpha, 31 kB)

Download UniqueID web tools version 0.4.2 (alpha, 24 kB)

Download UniqueID web tools version 0.4.1 (alpha, 23 kB)

Download UniqueID web tools version 0.4.0 (alpha, 210 kB)

Download UniqueID web tools version 0.3.0 (alpha, 205 kB)

Download UniqueID web tools version 0.2.1 (alpha, 204 kB)

Download UniqueID web tools version 0.1.2 (alpha, 202 kB)

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